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  • Rachel

    Pub: 18 May 2021

    Francesca has given considerable attention to my job search and presented me with a specific role that actually materialised to be my current employment. She followed up before and after the interview process to ensur...

  • Anonymous

    Pub: 22 Jan 2021

    ​There’s a lot to say about Daniel, but the characteristics which making him special is his love to his work and his willingness to help at anytime with all his effort. He’s so professional on the work basis and alway...

  • Client (Tech)

    Pub: 4 Feb 2021

    ​"We have now availed ourselves to the recruitment services of VacancyCentre for over a year now. With a proven track record in a highly technical field , they helped us find the right candidate for the respective pos...

  • Leah

    Pub: 17 May 2021

    ​I find Francesca to be very engaging and high in integrity. What I valued the most is that she always listens and  was quick to help.  I'm sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find the right job,...

  • Andrew

    Pub: 24 Nov 2020

    I contacted Simon to help me find a job in a difficult time and I have no regrets. He was extremely helpful from the start, offering opportunities whilst always safeguarding my interests. Excellent service throughout.

  • J.G.

    Pub: 19 Nov 2020

    Simon from VacancyCentre has been extremely helpful with my job search. I felt that he possesses a deep knowledge of the market for jobs within the finance industry as he patiently explained to me what opportunities w...


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