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  • Andrew

    Pub: 24 Nov 2020

    I contacted Simon to help me find a job in a difficult time and I have no regrets. He was extremely helpful from the start, offering opportunities whilst always safeguarding my interests. Excellent service throughout.

  • J.G.

    Pub: 19 Nov 2020

    Simon from VacancyCentre has been extremely helpful with my job search. I felt that he possesses a deep knowledge of the market for jobs within the finance industry as he patiently explained to me what opportunities w...

  • Daryl

    Pub: 4th Nov 2020

    ​Daniel has been a great help in my search for a new opportunity, he has impressive knowledge of the market and identified attractive and relevant IT roles very efficiently. He is approachable, professional and has al...

  • Sam

    Pub: 3rd Nov 2020

    I have dealt with over 10 recruiters in my last job search. Daniel was the one who was really very helpful. I was struggling with my termination and work permit process. He guided me very smoothly. He helped from the ...

  • Rebecca

    Pub: 4th Nov 2020

    ​Francesca from VacancyCentre was always very efficient and professional. Thanks to her guidance I have managed to land a job in an area I always wanted to establish myself in. In the past I have come across many dif...


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