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Focus & specialism is ever-increasingly expected and demanded by clients, thus why at VC (VacancyCentre) recruitment agency in Malta, we centralise our recruiting efforts to service our client technical talent requirements within:
Finance - Compliance - Technology - Operations

Meet the Team


  • A.B.

    Pub 9 Jun 2023

    ​Besart provided me with very good and instant recommendations of jobs he knew I'd be open to applying for.

  • Compliance Desk Candidate

    Pub 27 Feb 2024

    Very responsive recruiter with very good knowledge of the industry. I would recommend Besart to anyone seeking employment.

  • Compliance Desk Candidate

    Pub 30 Jan 2024

    ​It was a very warm and welcoming approach. Francesca knew exactly what I was looking for.

  • K.

    Pub 21 Jul 2023

    ​The entire process was smooth and handled in a professional manner. Daniel was really helpful, attentive and supportive.

  • L.M.

    Pub 12 May 2023

    ​Daniel Genuis was always approachable and reliable throughout the recruitment process.

  • Compliance Desk Candidate

    Pub 28 June 2023

    Francesca helped me from the very first call by grasping my job requirements and criteria. She provided two options and exhibited expertise in understanding the skill requirements and offerings of each company. She wa...


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