Discovering Potential in Candidates

Discovering Potential in Candidates

Working in recruitment has taught me how to appreciate people’s different skills and talents within different positions, industries and sectors. One can communicate on so many different levels that in today’s fast day-to-day life unfortunately people can be taken for granted, hence finding an obstacle to move on. Many opportunities on meeting the right people for the right job could turn out to be a missed opportunity and this could pretty much mean the other way around too.

Thorough research is carried out when identifying good potential, together with our combined networking and vast experience within our field.

We proactively contact our candidates and discuss their interest in specified positions. Following this we then meet those who are both qualified and interested and evaluate their qualifications skills set and experience accordingly.

Sourcing highly driven candidates can be very thorough; however through a few characteristics one can gauge positive and highly driven attitudes. One would think that an individual can do anything if they put their mind to it whilst always being very positive in their personality style and approach to work. Candidates need to have self-awareness, understanding what their own strengths and weaknesses are, and accepting that not everything out there is for them. One must recognize what they are good at and try harder than everyone else to be successful towards their goals. That is where we come in and advise on what the next steps would be and provide guidance on the way forward.

Being action oriented is another characteristic which keeps an individual from moving forward, trying new things, hence constantly taking action. Sometimes, being too action oriented can cause unnecessary mistakes or poor decisions, however, on a positive note, because such candidates are driven to action, they would learn from such mistakes. Being resilient and highly motivated, such personalities can take rejection and failure and would move on quickly.

Having a general management mind set can show another characteristic of high potential individuals which shows an intellectual ability to deal with complex situations and challenges. Having such a personality trait can lead other people, and have strong emotional intelligence and resilience, the drive to excel and achieve results and the want to advance in one’s career, taking on more leadership roles whilst being active in pursuing development and skills to the next level.

These individuals are those who are engaged and look forward to a long and successful career within an organization.

With these characteristics mentioned, talent development is of crucial importance for an employer. At the highest level, it seems – or at the least this is my opinion – that the greatest difference between a high motivated candidate and a high potential candidate is that the high potential leader will make fewer business mistakes. Thinking about the characteristics, the high motivated candidate would do whatever is needed, keeps moving forward, learns from mistakes and moves on in a positive way. The high potential candidate is very smart, is motivated, in it for the long-term, and somewhat risk adverse. Their development paths will be somewhat different to an organisation. The challenge is identifying these future leaders.  Where do we find such candidates?  It’s imperative to understand that looking at candidates and employees’ current capabilities will only get to a certain stage. A person’s capabilities can only be defined as their knowledge and skills are developed over time and therefore acquired through learning and experience.

On the other hand, the definition of high potential may vary from one company to another, but performance is always defined by business results together with the behaviour needed in order to achieve those results. When achieving results it is important that the high potential individual is recognized and given such information. Transparency benefits the employer, the company and the individual who is likely to be more engaged and willing to learn and develop further, whilst looking at long-term employment within that company.

It is not only important to hire the best, but also to grow and retain such individuals. Investing in training and advertising such benefits offered to successful candidates will also be significant in acquiring the most ambitious individuals. Cultural fit is also a key factor for an individual who stays in a company or chooses to move on to better opportunities. Candidates ultimately want to know what it’s truly like to work for an organisation. A stumbling block to candidates could also be an understanding of a company’s culture, which is the lack of information regarding the daily reality of working for them. A company can put their brand to life and create platforms through which candidates can have their questions about the firm answered hence would create further interest and knowledge.

When sourcing and screening candidates it’s important to consider that such profiles can often add the most value to a company. Finally, remuneration cannot be overlooked as the job market strengthens, employers must be prepared to pay more for candidates, not necessarily in terms of salary but in terms of additional benefits too.

Understanding our business needs with a foresight will help us identify the right potential in candidates within a dedicated time frame which is owed to ourselves and to our own potential future talent.

The Author

Sarah Miceli is Team Leader at VacancyCentre where together with the team, she assists clients with their recruitment process in finding suitable and potential candidates within most industries namely Financial Services; Legal and Compliance; Gaming, IT and Engineering; Administration, Sales and Marketing.

Get in touch with VacancyCentre on [email protected] for further information about our services to both clients and candidates.


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