Gaming Industry Recruitment

Gaming Industry Recruitment

Over the recent years, the Gaming industry has been growing rapidly, and especially within the Maltese Islands. With numerous benefits for Gaming companies on the island including: favourable gaming regulations, low tax rates, vat exemptions and high salaries, among the beautiful Mediterranean climate – it is no wonder that a multitude of business operators have decided to pack up from their originating countries and choose Malta to set up shop for increased success.

A common misconception about Recruitment in the iGaming industry in Malta is that the only available job opportunities are for Customer Support Agents. While there are various positions in Customer Service that require multiple unique skills, language skills being one of the most requested, there are countless roles available across all sectors. As a matter of fact, one can find roles in Legal and Compliance, Sales and Marketing, Administration, Financial Services, and most of all Information Technology, all within the same industry.

There have been Gaming events in Malta to specifically promote the industry, as well as to network with similarly-minded individuals that are interested in entering the industry that perhaps do not have the relevant skills nor experience at the present moment. Attending these types of events, for example the SiGMA conference, which is an abbreviation for the Summit of IGaming Malta, allows individuals to experience the Gaming industry first-hand with multiple talks and exhibitions to increase the awareness of how the industry works and how the newest products, services and technologies affect the operators on our island. As a recruitment agency, our specialised team will be taking note on how the industry is evolving and what the new requirements within the Gaming Industry are. We will be implementing them accordingly, as part of our constant improvement in our services for clients and candidates alike.

With regards to our candidates, we will continue to sustain and increase the amount of job opportunities we have, to provide individuals with the opportunity of joining a multicultural industry that promotes personal and career growth with the generous amount of positions available by vertical and horizontal moves within organisations. While it may seem difficult to step foot into the Gaming industry, we believe that highly-skilled professionals that are curious and willing to learn, are valuable candidates for entry-level roles within their field, just as much as individuals with Gaming experience that may want a career change or want to seek better opportunities for themselves.

VacancyCentre provides recruitment solutions guaranteeing efficient and personalised Recruitment services with maximum confidentiality. Our mission is to be one of the leading recruitment services providers in Malta and a favourite among job seekers, while striving to deliver a professional service. If one is interested in being provided with more information on the type of opportunities we offer and the clients we work with in the Gaming industry, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] .


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