Job Expectations

What do you really want? It’s often only when you’ve finally grown up that you get to discover what it is that you really want from the job that has taken over your identity.


Recruitment – it’s all about Relationships

Recruitment, as in most other businesses, is all about relationships. The success of a recruiter depends very much on the strength of the relationships with both candidates and clients. If you have a strong relationship with a client, it more likely that the client will call you first when a vacancy arises as they need someone they can trust to fill that position.


Dealing with difficult people at work

You move into a new job and it all seems to be perfect. Until you’re introduced to the person you’re sharing the office with. Initially she looks OK until she starts giving you the hard treatment – being rude, putting on airs, bossing you around, embarrassing you in front of the boss and other non-welcomed gestures.


Improving Your Team’s Productivity

Is the idea of improving productivity there to create problems between employers and employees? Not at all. Productivity has been on the agenda of many governments, politicians, academics and economists ever since the economies of various countries started coming back to normal following the Second World War.


Changing Jobs

You feel burned out at your job, and despite your best efforts to improve the situation or even change yourself, you’re still stressed and unhappy. Lately, you’ve been noticing more and more the job adverts in the Sunday paper and even your family has hinted something about it.


Potholes on the Road to Success

Obstacles to achieving your goals manifest themselves in your attitude, in the guise of other people and sheer bad luck. But the right frame of mind and learning the necessary skills, can help you fulfill your potential and get you exactly where you want to go.


A Good First Impression

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression at an interview. Here is how to make a good first impression and impress your interviewer.


Do you love your job?

If you answer this question honestly you should be able to realise whether you should consider other job opportunities or not. Working in a dead end job does no good for the body and mind, but then on the other hand how many of us have that courage to move out of the comfort zone into the unknown?


Linking training to organisational goals

The Learning Age

Training in today’s learning age has transformed itself from an educational and purely academic dimension to a more inclusive lifelong learning experience. As we grow in our careers and develop our skills and knowledge, we are enriching not only ourselves, but also everyone that we come into contact with.