Re-Writing your Job History

Being untruthful on your Curriculum Vitae can be a real temptation. The resume is supposed to be a correct reflection of who you are. Do you want it to be lasting proof of your dishonesty? Have you ever stretched the truth a little on your CV?


Communication during Interviews

‘Meaning is in the mind of the receiver and not in the message.’ The way you speak may have a lasting impression on your interviewers which may also be to your disadvantage if you do not pay attention to what you say and the way you say it.


How to Not get a Job

This may not have been a question you have asked yourself. However if you really want that job, we recommend you print out this checklist and make sure you go through every item before entering the interview dungeon.


How to Shortlist Interviews

Do you remember your job searching days? Attending on average 5 interviews a week…sending CVs around as if they were Christmas Cards…hoping that one is going to land on the right desk…half of them you don’t even receive a response of any kind.


Successful Application Letters

What are the odds of winning the national lottery?…about the same of getting a job by starting the application letter with “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam”. Email capabilities have made bulk employment queries too tempting. However, today’s cut throat job industry compels you to submit an application that stands out from the rest.


Stress Management

Stress Management: A Definition

Stress is defined as a feeling of tension that is both emotional and physical. It can occur in specific situations. Different people perceive different situations as stressful.


The Feasibility of Using Recruitment Agencies

Private recruitment agencies started operating commercially in Malta in the 1980s, offering recruitment services of a general nature, and in 1995 specific legislation was introduced to regulate the duties and obligations provided by such agencies and there are currently more than thirty local organisations that have a licence to provide recruitment services on a commercial basis.