6 Tips to make Interview Nerves Disappear

You’ve just got accepted for an interview for your next big career move – a goal you have been working towards for a long time. You have all the experience required and you know that you will fit in, but there is one obstacle – your interview nerves are setting in.


Scientifically proven techniques to boost your creativity

The notion that creative geniuses are born and not made is a myth.  Research suggests that only 30 percent of creativity is genetically predetermined. This means that the remaining 70 percent is attributed to creativity as a skill that can be easily built up subject to how determined a person is to get there.


Social Media is your new résumé

A research has shown that the majority of employers and recruiters visit candidate social media profiles to gather additional information on job-hunters. This implies that candidates must consider their social media profiles as a supplement to their résumé. Even if certain media, such as facebook, are not meant for this purpose, a recruiter may be tempted to form an opinion based a public profile. In fact, the same research goes on to say that a significant percentage of employers have rejected some applications on the basis of what they found online.


What recruiters really want to hear?

Every candidate would want to walk into a job interview prepared and able to nail every question to leave a good impression and land the dream job. Most interviewees would focus their answers around showing how professional, skilled and informed they are. But what do recruiters really want to hear during an interview?


The Difference between a Transactional and a Transformational Recruitment Agency

Even though our current digital era is generally perceived as advantageous, it is really and truly a double-edged sword. Using various digital methods to find candidates for top-tier positions can often provide a significant quantity of qualified candidates. However, what about those job roles which require a higher level of sophistication? This issue often results in the endless ‘quality over quantity’ debate.


Discovering Potential in Candidates

Working in recruitment has taught me how to appreciate people’s different skills and talents within different positions, industries and sectors. One can communicate on so many different levels that in today’s fast day-to-day life unfortunately people can be taken for granted, hence finding an obstacle to move on. Many opportunities on meeting the right people for the right job could turn out to be a missed opportunity and this could pretty much mean the other way around too.


Winning Top Talent

There’s simply one issue with regards to recruiting top talent. As time goes by, there are fewer people who can actually make the cut and be considered fit to fill in a role.

Quite reasonably, any employer aims at building a team with the best talent out there. Due to a soaring demand, when a highly skilled person enters the market, it does not take too much time until he or she is out of it again.