Effective Time Management Skills

We all wish that there was more time in the day when the day is over we look back at what we accomplished. Oftentimes we wonder where all of those hours went. If you find yourself in this position, then time management might be an issue.


Making a Great Impression at Your New Job

As a jobseeker, a first impression is always critically important.  First impressions about people often turn into long-term perceptions and opinions.

First impressions are important, so how can you improve your chances of making a great one when you’re starting a new job? Follow these 10 tips to help you make a great impression and avoid the mistakes typically associated with starting a new job.


Discovering Potential in Candidates

Working in recruitment has taught me how to appreciate people’s different skills and talents within different positions, industries and sectors. One can communicate on so many different levels that in today’s fast day-to-day life unfortunately people can be taken for granted, hence finding an obstacle to move on. Many opportunities on meeting the right people for the right job could turn out to be a missed opportunity and this could pretty much mean the other way around too.


Network your way to your dream job

Unfortunately, many job hunters fail to utilise this technique because they don’t understand it, or they don’t want to “bother” people. Many job seekers are just too proud to “ask” someone for help. If you aren’t using this technique you are overlooking the most valuable tool you have, the personal contact.


Dealing with difficult people at work

You move into a new job and it all seems to be perfect. Until you’re introduced to the person you’re sharing the office with. Initially she looks OK until she starts giving you the hard treatment – being rude, putting on airs, bossing you around, embarrassing you in front of the boss and other non-welcomed gestures.


Potholes on the Road to Success

Obstacles to achieving your goals manifest themselves in your attitude, in the guise of other people and sheer bad luck. But the right frame of mind and learning the necessary skills, can help you fulfill your potential and get you exactly where you want to go.


Do you love your job?

If you answer this question honestly you should be able to realise whether you should consider other job opportunities or not. Working in a dead end job does no good for the body and mind, but then on the other hand how many of us have that courage to move out of the comfort zone into the unknown?