A Workaholic’s guide to taking a well-deserved Summer Vacation

Are you afraid that you cannot afford to let go of your work because of your work load? Do you work long hours and spend your evening neurotically checking your emails leaving you with no time to wind down? If your answers are ‘yes’ then you can consider yourself a workaholic.

Although it’s important to have a sense of ownership and take pride in your work, for your own well-being it is important that you give yourself the chance to relax and bond with those around you.

Here are some tips to help you make up your mind on taking that well-deserved summer break and to switch off your work brain while on holiday.


The Benefits of Happy Employees

Today, many employers are well aware of issues such as the high cost of employees leaving their company. Many would say that it is self-evident that happier employees are better for the company. But how much better?


Scientifically proven techniques to boost your creativity

The notion that creative geniuses are born and not made is a myth.  Research suggests that only 30 percent of creativity is genetically predetermined. This means that the remaining 70 percent is attributed to creativity as a skill that can be easily built up subject to how determined a person is to get there.


Turning Potential into Success in 4 Steps

The way you act, feel and think drives your talents and thirst for knowledge and skills acquisition. Unless we make it a point to strive for the better and direct our potential into something tangible, we are most likely to just stay on the same boat for quite a long while.


Time in a Bottle

We are all allotted the same 24 hours, but what we each do with that time separates success from mediocrity. It is never too late to learn time management techniques and even the simplest system can improve your job satisfaction.


Feeling Stuck. 5 Strategies against it

Five of the most common behaviours that hold us back from living the lives we really want to live. One of the most common statements I hear when I talk with potential clients is, “I feel stuck.” People find themselves feeling stuck in different ways.


Working Overtime

Forced to work overtime and expected to work through your lunch break: when is it ok to say ‘no’? Just as long as the job gets done,” the boss will say. But with so many jobs, the work is of an ongoing nature and hence the job is never ‘done’.