8 Simple Ways To Stand Out In Your Next Job Interview
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8 Simple Ways To Stand Out In Your Next Job Interview

on 30 November 2020

​Simple is better. Employers tend to avoid long talks because time is precious. Too many job seekers make the interview process more complicated than need be, thinking they need to do something special to stand out.

As a matter of fact, focus on one to two experiences that made you really stand out not only as a character but how you managed to grow within the company. Be yourself and do not treat the interview as an interrogation.

How to stand out in your next job interview examples:

Job interview what are your strengths

Here are some examples you can elaborate on:

  • Enthusiasm

  • Trustworthiness

  • Creativity

  • Discipline

  • Patience

  • Respectfulness

  • Determination

  • Dedication

  • Honesty

  • Versatility

Respect Everyone

One of the first people you would probably meet is someone at reception area. Remember to greet and treat everyone equally. Your character can tell a lot by your manners and behaviour ethics.

Job Interview Preparation

Nowadays, believe it or not a lot of candidates tend to forget who they are supposed to meet. Picture yourself for a moment how awkward things can be if you show up in a conference room and do not know the name of the interviewer.

Therefore, double even triple check the name of your interviewer. Another asset would be if the name is a bit hard to pronounce, try to practice it a couple of times before hand. Little gestures matter.

How to stand out in your next job interview presentation

An important part of your interview appearance is your level of enthusiasm. We at VacancyCentre try to sympathise if a candidate is nervous and introvert. Believe it or not, sometimes the introverts might be the best candidates. So no matter your level of qualifications we always try to encourage our candidates and put them at ease. This level of comfortability boosts our candidates’ level of confidence, hence enthusiasm.

Minimise Bad Habits

When you sit down with your interviewer, do not bite your nails or move around a lot, stay calm and hands on your lap or on the desk. If you are nervous and start shaking, cross your legs.

Prepare Your Pitch

You should know by now that one of the favourite questions the interviewer will ask you is about yourself – Tell me about yourself and/or your main points of your resume. Prepare in advance, so that you focus on the most relevant skills set and experiences related to this job. Do not take jobs for granted because of your qualification or pride in work. Always treat every job vacancy in Malta as important as if it is your final run.

Job Interview Questions

The interview is a two-way exchange, similar to when you are with a friend. You wouldn’t be hanging out with your friends unless you are talking between each other. Be proactive and be intrigued. Many interviewers tend to allocate some time for questions, so use that time wisely and ask. Do not be shy! Asking questions is a good trait.

Job Interview Tips

Last but not least, smile. We all have our ups and down in life, but staying with a smile throughout your interview helps you appear friendly and develops a connection.

Remember that the interviewer is there to help you succeed. When an opening is filled it means less work or no more interviews. Set your mind-set this way, relax and let it flow.

Job Interview Thank you Email

Do not forget to say “Thank you!” at the end of your interview and also via email. Most hiring managers pay very close attention to how well (and how rapidly) you write a thank you email after the interview. Show you are interested in the respective role and ask about next steps so you’re clear on when and how to follow up. Don’t just leave the room. End Strong!

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