A Good First Impression
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A Good First Impression

on 18 November 2020

​You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression at an interview. Here is how to make a good first impression and impress your interviewer.

Your appearance

Your initial impact on the interviewer will depend on the time and preparation you have given to the details in your choice of clothing, hair style, jewellery, and cosmetics. These are all important factors which will give the initial symbolic message as to whether this job is important to you or not.

Interview attire

How you dress will communicate a lot to the interviewers about your self-image. For interviews it is important to find out what is acceptable within the culture you are trying to enter. Wearing something fairly conservative would be your best choice, you are expected to turn out smart at an interview and will surely be noticed if you are not.

Cleanliness, the condition of your hair, teeth, hands and nails will not be noticed if they are clean, but will surely be if they are not. There are plenty of prejudices about people with hair of different styles and length. For both sexes the most important thing to say about hair is that it should be clean, tidy, neat – and brushed or combed just before you go into the interview.


For cosmetics and make-up, the advice must be to keep it tasteful and not excessive. It ought to be strictly related to the expectations of the type of organisation in which you are trying to obtain employment.


Younger men with earrings should always think about removing them when going to an interview. For women the best advice is to be aware of the culture you are applying to join, however you would be best advised to any jewellery and accessories simple and complimentary.

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