Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Searching for a Job
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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Searching for a Job

on 27 November 2020

​Searching for a job can prove to be tougher than expected. The employer comes to face a diversity of variables that he or she has no control over. When the candidate’s search is not going as planned, most of the time the job seeker ends up panicking in a very short period of time.

The worst thing a candidate can do is to make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. Desperation may cause the candidate to make errors that cannot be rectified afterwards cause matters to get even worse.

When things get tough, make sure to avoid these three common mistakes.

1. Avoid applying for any open job you encounter

When feeling at your lowest, with those bills piling up and savings probably almost gone, applying for any situations vacant will do you more harm than good.

Unfortunately it is a common scenario that a candidate attending an interview end up asking, ‘What is the job title again?’ It is more probable than you think for this to happen. It is very easy to get confused, especially when the candidate is anxious because of the interview in the first place.

Such situations only send a bad message to the recruiter. It implies that you are searching for loads of jobs at once without focusing and understanding the nature of what the job is. No potential employer would like to see a candidate that is all over the place. They want a sharp, focused and loyal candidate working for them.

2. Unnecessary Paid ‘Expert’ Advice

The candidate needs to be really selective when contacting recruitment agencies for further assistance. There are a few recruitment agencies that will charge huge amounts of money without any guarantee for results.

These services can often be a waste of time, as recruiters often make the same mistake as that of the candidate him or herself, that is; not being focusing and suggest vacancies that are not well suited for the candidate. Instant gratification will be able to blind you.

3. Unqualified for the job

Let’s say there’s a position for a native English copywriter with a gaming company. Chances are that a native English speaking candidate will be rewarded the job. Certain specialised jobs require a specific set of skills and lacking those skills will hold you back.  If you are willing to invest time into learning new skills your chances of getting a higher salary will increase dramatically. Right now we have a large number of English speaking jobs in Malta. Send us your resume here.

Attitude is everything

Indeed, job hunting can be very stressful. The urge to give up will eventually surface. However, it is very important to not let the though consume you and give up entirely. It would be a great and beneficial idea to take a break, re-focus and continue your job search when stabilised with a clear mind and objective in place.

A lack of determination and motivation will be evident once a recruiter actually calls asking for an interview. A realistic, but positive attitude is key to better handle pressures that finding a job can put you in.

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