Career opportunities within the gaming industry
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Career opportunities within the gaming industry

on 29 November 2020

​Malta – ”The ideal place from iGaming Operators”

The gaming industry in Malta has flourished over the past few years as most gaming companies are finding Malta the ideal place from which to operate. The fact that Malta is an EU member state that has adopted the Euro as its currency, coupled with the fact that it is geographically positioned at the centre of the Mediterranean and is represented by a diverse, highly-skilled and multilingual workforce driven by sound work ethic, makes Malta an irresistible location for thousands of iGaming companies. Malta offers the best ‘eco system’ for gaming companies in that it has favourable gaming regulations, low tax rates, vat exemptions and high salaries; among the beautiful Mediterranean climate.  The influx of iGaming companies has resulted in a variety of career opportunities, attracting both local and international talent.

Attracting Talent to Malta

With the exponential growth of such an industry (online gambling industry), attracting the best talent is of utmost importance since it is through its employees that a company is able to achieve its business objectives. In order to cater for this high demand for talent, a number of recruitment agencies have set up in Malta, using their network both locally and internationally, to assist gaming operators in recruiting the right candidates. It comes as no surprise that with the rapid growth of such a sophisticated industry, iGaming companies are investing substantially in hiring the right talent across all departments.

The iGaming industry has brought along a variety of roles that are all required for a company to operate effectively. A common misconception about Recruitment in the iGaming industry in Malta is that the only available job opportunities are for Customer Support Agents. While there are various positions in Customer Service that require multiple unique skills, language skills being one of the most requested, there are countless roles available across all sectors.

Given the importance of such a booming sector, many job seekers are now looking to develop their career within the iGaming industry. People with experience and qualifications in Marketing, Business Development & Sales, HR, Customer Service, Product Development and Design, Programming, Computing & Programming are all essential for the running of the iGaming business.

Online iGaming companies in Malta

Ever since Malta became the first EU member to regulate online gaming in 2004, the iGaming industry has boomed offering a pool of iGaming careers and a number of other new job opportunities.

Some of the gaming companies in Malta are:

Regulatory Framework

Although the technical and marketing skills are extensively sought after, this industry also relies heavily on the expertise of legal and financial professionals in order to operate effectively. With the latest GDPR Law, 4th AML Directive as well as the Malta Gaming law, many gaming companies are resorting to legal expertise more than ever. Apart from outsourcing legal advice, the changes in the regulatory framework have opened the doors to many legal and financial professionals, who seek to develop a career within this industry.

Gaming companies are now resorting to recruiting in house lawyers and building up their legal team in a stronger and more effective manner. Furthermore, gaming companies are now claiming to be strong advocates for Responsible Gaming. With the importance given to such a concept, such companies are seeking to recruit individuals who hold a psychology or counselling background and are able to take on roles such as that of a Responsible Gaming Analyst.

Talent Diversity

What is so remarkable about this industry is that it provides opportunities for job seekers such as those looking for software developer jobs with diverse talents; the creative individuals, individuals with technical expertise as well as those with problem solving and analytical skills, all have a place within this industry. Apart from job seekers with the above-mentioned skill sets, certain soft skills within the workplace such as personal flexibility, versatility, interpersonal negotiation skills, and self-awareness are also sought after.  Furthermore, the iGaming sector is also a volatile industry, creating an important niche for job seekers who are resilient and adapt to change easily.

Apart from the roles within the iGaming sector, the growth of this industry, has opened up career opportunities within other businesses operating from different industries. Business support services such as corporate service providers, law firms, accountancy and audit firms are seeking to recruit professionals with iGaming expertise, to assist iGaming operators in their business needs.

iGaming Events

There have been Gaming events in Malta to specifically promote the industry, as well as to network with similarly-minded individuals that are interested in entering the industry that perhaps do not have the relevant skills nor experience at the present moment. Attending these types of events, for example the SiGMA conference, which is an abbreviation for the Summit of iGaming Malta, allows individuals to experience the Gaming industry first-hand with multiple talks and exhibitions to increase the awareness of how the industry works and how the newest products, services and technologies affect the operators on our island.

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