How To Get The Job You Want
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How To Get The Job You Want

on 28 November 2020

​Have you recently finished university or caught yourself in a career plateau which seems never-ending? Whichever category you fit in, we understand that it may be difficult to get offered the job of your dreams right away, so we prepared a few key points that tend to prove vital when pursuing your ambition.

Update your CV and LinkedIn Profile

Your CV tends to be the first impression employers get from you, this means that it needs to be updated with all of your contact details, previous education and work experience. Don’t be afraid to update it with smaller projects you might have led or participated in over the past few years. You might generate some additional interest.

LinkedIn has been used for a number of years now and is essentially an online CV where potential networking targets, head-hunters and employers can find you and vice-versa. It does not make much difference if you are looking for a compliance officer job, senior Java developer job, PHP backend developer job, Full Stack .Net developer job, or a legal counsel job, or perhaps an office and administration job, having an updated LinkedIn profile is essential.   If you happen to have an entrepreneurial flair, it’s all the more reason to have one. To learn about the skills that recruiters look for, visit our article 7 Facts Recruiters look out for in your CV.

Keep yourself informed
Keeping yourself updated within your preferred industry is always helpful. Once you score an interview, the advantage of knowing about the company and its industry as well as being passionate about the role you are working towards will give a good first impression.

If your interview is with a local branch of an international corporation, visit the overseas websites as well. Every piece of information is vital.

Attend networking events
Making connections is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to your preferred market. One may choose to attend the various organisations and events organised by the University or such. Through these events, it won’t be too hard to find someone with a like-minded attitude who shares your interests within your industry of choice.

Contact a recruitment agency
While some individuals may be in between jobs and have the time to attend networking events as well as browsing through social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, another group of individuals seeking jobs, are currently in full time employment. Getting in contact with a recruitment agency such as VacancyCentre can help you find your dream job in a more efficient manner. Recruitment consultants assist both employers and potential employees to find each other, keeping both updated on the status of the applications that they had passed on. Most agencies require an informal preliminary interview so that they are able to understand exactly what kind of positions you are seeking, therefore being able to recommend you accordingly to potential employers.

Employment Courses
Through the various services provided by institutes such as the University of Malta and MCAST, getting yourself prepared for the job you want has never been easier. By visiting the respective courses online, you can find various academic opportunities provided by such institutions.

Be realistically-optimistic
One of the first steps is to believe in yourself and be optimistic. With multiple vacancies available in Malta over a range of industries, there is a position for all types of individuals. Depending on the industry you would like to get into, the most important objective is to be realistic and this includes the status of the position you are seeking, whether it is an entry-role, or a senior position, as well as your salary expectations for the respective role. Quite a number of job-seekers are lost for choice and distribute their resumes electronically to every vacancy they can find, this is very time-consuming and does not guarantee any interest from the companies. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses – applying for jobs that are specifically seeking out candidates with your same attributes, skills and qualifications. You may apply for positions that require slightly higher qualifications or experience, however it is also important to be realistic and understand that you would need to be able to do the job well.

Open A Business
There is nothing like a little DIY to get you closer to your goal. Do you happen to specialise in a niche market? Do you feel like your ideas have the potential to break new ground in the local market? If both answers are yes, then opening a business might just be up your alley. You won’t really be alone though. You might find a government scheme that’s just right for you, and when it’s time to bring in a new employee, you can also contact a recruitment agency. As an employer, agencies like VacancyCentre will be there every step of the way making sure that the person they find, is just the right person for your venture.

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