Malta youth unemployment rate amongst lowest in the EU
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Malta youth unemployment rate amongst lowest in the EU

on 28 November 2020

​As recorded by figures released by Eurostat, Malta currently holds the second lowest youth unemployment rate across the EU28. Malta’s youth unemployment rate currently stands at 10%.

Malta with lowest youth unemployment rate in EU28

When comparing figures from June of this year to those of June 2014, youth unemployment decreased by 386,000 individuals across all the European Union countries and 225,000 across the euro zone. In June 2015, the youth unemployment rate in the European Union stood at 20.7% and 22.5% within the euro area, down from 22.1% and 23.6% respectively from June 2014.

June 2015 figures show that 4.724 million young people were unemployed across the EU member states, with 3.181 million of these living within the euro area.

The lowest youth unemployment rates were recorded by Germany (7.1%), Malta (10%), Estonia (10.1%) and Denmark and Austria (10.3%) whilst the highest youth unemployment rates are being experienced by Greece (53.2%), Spain (49.2%), Italy (44.2%) and Croatia (43.1%) as at the second quarter of 2015.

Taking a look at Malta’s general unemployment rate, this stood at 5.5% in June 2015. This figure went down mainly due to the reduction in youth unemployment, as pointed out by the Maltese government in an official statement. Youth unemployment in Malta stood at 14% in 2012 and went down to the current rate of 10% over the past years.

In the near future, the government is expected to announce more initiatives to promote and strengthen youth employment in Malta.

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