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Personal Branding

on 05 November 2020

​Do you have a ‘personal brand’? Yes! Whether you are aware of it or not, everyone has a ‘personal brand’, and hence it is essential that you are able to set yourself apart from everyone else. Concentrating on your personal brand, will benefit you- whether you’re looking for a new role or you want to secure a promotion in your current job by impressing your boss.

How you are perceived by employers – both existing and prospective – can have a significant impact on your future. Have a look at the 6 tips below to help you develop your own personal brand.

Make yourself indispensable

Grab your boss’s attention for all the right reasons! Be on the lookout for ways to refine your skills, knowledge and attitude whilst building relationships. Always maintain a business-like attitude but be proactive by offering practical solutions to any challenge coming your way. Attempt to engage with ventures that will provide the opportunity to hone the skills related to your current role and those relevant to your career path.

Demonstrate, not assert

Any hiring, pay or promotion decision is primarily based on performance. Meeting targets, motivating a team, being positive, loyal, and being determined to succeed are key. Keep your CV updated, irrespective of whether or not you’re actively job hunting. Remember, interviewers are very wary of ‘we’ answers. A potential employer wants to determine what YOU can bring to the table, not how great your team is.

Raise your profile

Network! Get to know your colleges through corporate social events, industry networks and professional forums. A strong corporate will position you as a favourable person to know. A prominent status will also mean your name comes to mind when career-enhancing prospects arise. Impress your interviewer or boss with useful resources like industry reports, topical events or practical solutions which you might have gained access to through contacts.

Believe in yourself

Focus on showcasing the skills and experiences that make you valuable to an employer. If you believe you merit that role or promotion, this will show through. Likewise, insecurity can be easily recognised. Remember, you are your own salesperson, and it’s up to you to display your assets.

Maintain momentum

It’s been calculated that most of us work at just 65-70% of our potential, so it’s not hard to see that the real winners will be those who maximise their opportunities and keep themselves involved. Your lifestyle will help, so regular exercise, plenty of water, healthy eating and a good night’s sleep are all essential.

Choose your recruitment consultancies wisely

Your relationship with your recruiting agency could have a huge impact on your career. Sometimes less is more, so when it comes to choosing the number of agencies or recruiters that you want to work with do it sensibly. Being registered with more than one agency may make it harder to build strong relationships with each of them. Make sure to stipulate whether you give your consent that your resume may be forwarded to potential employers.

Maintain it

A personal brand isn’t something you develop once and forget about! Make sure you find the time and give the effort to develop yours. When you have a personal brand, people recognise your name, what you’re working on, what you offer, and what you’re about. Throughout your professional life, your own personal brand will be your best value for career progression, so be sure to nurture and develop it.

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