Starting a new job
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Starting a new job

on 29 November 2020

​Starting a new job is very exciting. Then, you start thinking things like: what should I do? Am I doing a good job? Should I bother my boss frequently with questions? Do not worry; you can put your mind at rest as this is very normal. There is always a sense of awkwardness when starting a new job.

Here are some suggestions to help feeling better during the first period at a new workplace:

  • Be humble

We think that this is the most important tip. When you start a new job, the last thing you should do is talk about the way you did things at your previous work or presume that you know everything to do on the first day. Instead, you shall take a beginner’s approach. That means: listen and really understand what the needs of the organisation are and the roles of the colleagues.

A new job is a time for learning because every company is different; knowing what has worked (and what has not) for your new organisation, before doing something.

Meet with your colleagues and learn from them. By doing that, you will be able to do your tasks much more effectively, while gaining their respect.

  • Be on time

Come to your new job with energy and enthusiasm. But do not stay on after your working hours to show off that enthusiasm. Your work-life balance is also important. So yes, you should work hard when starting a new job, but, you should also maintain a boundary when work ends.

  • Know your colleagues

When you start a new job, it is important that your colleagues like you and accept you. You are joining a new team, so, it is important that you are really a part of them. Find a common interest that you share with them because people tend to like people who are like them.

  • Meet with your new manager regularly

A manager usually wants to have an employee that is able to take on a responsibility because they do not want to have to worry about it. Your boss wants to be able to fully trust that your tasks will do well. It is better to meet with your boss often to understand what they are looking for and what the market demands.

Our recruitment company is specialised to assist the candidates during the search for a job opportunity and also while on their job. If it is the first time that you are reading our advice, please, have a look at the feedback written by our candidates at the bottom of the VacancyCentre (VC) homepage. We are glad to assist you in your job path, so, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to find your dream job!

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