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Tell me about yourself

on 28 November 2020

​We know the time spent during the interview can be overwhelming. You might also feel nervous and stressed out, and this could hinder your focus and perhaps struggle to tell the interviewer who you really are and make a good impression to land the job you have applied for!

Here is some advice that would make you feel more confident and be able to highlight your strengths that would contribute to the organisation. This is a crucial moment when you have the possibility to make a positive impression to the interviewer.

Be yourself” is the first rule.

What will make the difference between you and others, is to be honest and describe who you really are. Highlight your strengths, give value to your weaknesses and specify which skills you could improve. Tell them about your values and interests, not be generic or vague but be specific about your strengths and what benefits and experience you could bring to the table. The interview is an opportunity to exchange information between yourself (the candidate), to describe what skills and experience you could offer, and the company that is looking for such skills and experience. Thus, highlighting your professional goal, skills and strengths is crucially important to make a good impression

It is very important to consider what might be the questions that they will ask you and the answers to give to the interviewers. Your responses will transmit essential information about your personality, that is, who you really are, what your objective in your career is, what values you could offer, etc. Remember to relate to your motivation for applying! Usually, some typical questions are: “tell me about yourself”, “why did you apply for our company?”, “how do you see yourself in five years?”, “why should we choose you and not another?” Be prepared for these questions.

Choose 3 strengths that represent yourself and define each one; try to link the meaning of them with real examples from past work experience or in your life in general. Now, choose 3 more strengths which you would like to improve and try to explain why they are important for you. In this way, you will show the interviewer that you have self-confidence and are pro-active.

Control your body language! It might be worth practising with a member of your family, a friend or colleague, especially if you have not attended any interviews up to now so that this would work in your favour!

Research about the company and prepare some questions that you would like to ask to the interviewer. This will manifest that you have an interest in the organisation.

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