Top 3 Reasons To Have A Career Plan
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Top 3 Reasons To Have A Career Plan

on 28 November 2020

“What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.” – Margaret Thatcher

Improvement is one of the key factors when considering one’s work life, a necessity to grow personally and professionally whilst enhancing opportunities, skills, remuneration and work environment. Having a career plan, and developing it, is a topic that many discuss nowadays and would consider vital to an individual’s career. Being able to create, follow, reflect and focus on a goal, and being able to achieve it, is a satisfying feeling for all successful people who have put in years of hard work into what they do. Having a career plan allows you to do exactly this.

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Then you need to specifically map out your goals and action items so you can have a clear direction for your planned career.

In previous years, it was a common venture to have an individual accepted within a company during their late teens/early twenties and to remain within the same company for the rest of their career life. Nowadays, recruiters and employers look for specialised skills in particular sectors of industries and consider career development as a priority in selecting candidates that are right for a job.

While companies are willing to assist their employees to succeed from within their positions, the hard work must come from the employees themselves. Industries in Malta are growing and changing constantly, especially when it comes to technological advances, and this requires employees to be informed on all the new skills required in the constant evolution of their companies for ongoing and increasing success – a career plateau is the last situation an individual would want to be in, in which they are unable to advance any further within the company they work at because of their lack of unfortunate improvement.

1.Learning new skills that are valuable to your industry will make you stand out among the rest, while gaining knowledge to further increase your motivation, productivity and experience in your position. Involving yourself in training sessions and part time courses when needed proves to employers that you are proactive and motivated to succeed in your current position, and perhaps higher or different positions in the future.

2.Self-awareness includes understanding what your strengths and weaknesses are and learning to work with and around them when required. This is a part of personal growth as well as career growth, as you will be able to work productively with more employees, teams and superiors, who will notice your responsibility, tenacious mind and hard work, allowing you to once again, stand out among the rest and prove that you are ready to move up the career ladder. Alternatively, this self-awareness may also provide realisation of the need of a career change, or simply the change of environment/work place to challenge yourself further and continue excelling while gaining experience.

3.Communicating With Your Seniors/Human Resources Team allows you to share your plans for the future with the company so they are fully aware of what you would like to achieve within the company short-term as well as long-term. This can give them a better understanding of what your salary expectations are and in turn, will make you feel content in your position.

The top 3 reasons mentioned, to have a career plan set in motion, assist you in multiple ways. However, without regular re-assessment of one’s career plan, many of them could be unrewarding. One of the most important factors in creating and developing a career plan is to take time and envision your future, and where you would like your career to go. While many individuals may believe that their current position is the best one out there, there could be a better opportunity for them just around the corner, and it may take a few days, weeks, months or years for them to realise this, and this is why it is important to take the time to evaluate the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, successes and challenges you face – so that you are able to define your future career path and be the successful employee you rightfully deserve to be.

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