Update Your LinkedIn Profile – The Do’s & Don’ts of having a great online image
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Update Your LinkedIn Profile – The Do’s & Don’ts of having a great online image

on 29 November 2020

​To get the most out of LinkedIn, it’s important to make your LinkedIn profile as comprehensive and compelling as possible. This enables recruiters to find you when they are sourcing candidates because your profile includes details on your job qualifications, employment history, education, skills, and experience. This is something you want to do especially if you’re looking for accounting jobs in Malta.

In addition, your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility online and help you build a professional brand that showcases your background to prospective employers. Having your LinkedIn profile updated at all times, may facilitate by applying for vacancies online and uploading your LinkedIn profile with your application online.

Here are tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd and excel in your career.

Write a Comprehensive and Engaging Profile

Do interact intelligently. LinkedIn is a professional network. People use LinkedIn for professional advancement, so focusing on helping others succeed professionally will help you stand out. Like, share and comment on user posts to increase your overall online reputation. This in turn will generate greater interest in your profile.

Do check your spelling and grammar. It may sound obvious, but you would be amazed by what you can miss, and nothing damages your credibility like a profile that is littered with these simple mistakes.

Do add a photo. You have probably heard the importance of selecting a high-quality professional photo before, but you may not know that profiles with a professional-looking photo are viewed 11 times more frequently than those without. Profiles with photos receive higher InMail response rates.

Highlight Your Experience in the Summary

Do use your resume to write the experience section

Do make sure your profile is complete. A complete profile not only makes it easier for prospects to find you, it also means you are taking advantage of all the opportunities to present yourself as an expert in your field.

Do let your personality show. Use your profile, especially your headline and summary, to craft a compelling narrative about who you are and the value you can provide to your sales prospects. Let your personality show.

Do add skills to your profile to let others know what your strengths are. This is a fast and easy way for viewers to see your areas of expertise.

What to Do About Recommendations

Do showcase your skills. Including specific skills on your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your abilities to other members, such as your peers, colleagues, managers, and even recruiters. You can add a maximum of 50 skills to your profile. They’re a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network.

Do include volunteer experience and causes. There are causes that you care about and support after work hours. Showing your philanthropic and humanitarian interests proves you are a well-rounded individual, which readers of your LinkedIn profile may find interesting and relatable.

What Not to Include in your LinkedIn profile

Don’t over populate your profile with keywords. While optimising your profile (correctly) can help more people find you, creating a compelling story with relevant content is what will make them want to work with you. Try and find a niche’ sector and stick to it, as this generally churns out more profile views from quality traffic viewers.

Don’t simply copy and paste your resume. Creating a carbon copy of your resume may engage recruiters, but it is much more important to present a compelling story to your prospects, the people your success ultimately hinges on.

Don’t share all the details of your personal life. While you may do this on other social networks, it is not appropriate in a professional setting.

Don’t add an unprofessional photo. If yours has other people or pets in it, was taken at a party, or shows you at anything other than your professional best, it may be time to revisit your photo choice.

Don’t add skills LinkedIn does not recognise. There is a wide range of skills to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding something that matches your expertise.

Don’t embellish or lie about your experience. Your professional reputation should not be taken lightly.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Always portray yourself with honesty and integrity.

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