Using a Recruitment Agency
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Using a Recruitment Agency

on 03 November 2020

​We asked some job seekers to share their experience of using a recruitment agency. How would they rate this system to anyone looking for a new job?

Anna* cannot sing the agencies’ praises loudly enough. “I definitely would recommend them, because the process is simple and effective. Simply send in your CV and the recruitment agency takes all the initiative to find you a job.

“This is a small island and as soon as the agency hears of a job they can send in your CV, because it’s already on file. Nothing beats a personal recommendation either: it’s not just your CV that the recruiting company receives, but also a recommendation from an independent individual who’s already heard your wishes and goals, therefore allowing for vacancies to be filled with the right people.”

John agrees, particularly because a recruitment agency has access to both numerous clients and information on job seekers. “They can also come up with suggestions that the candidate might not have known about if he/she had been searching for a job alone. Another factor is that it is up to them to struggle to find the candidate a job – they only get paid if the company employs the candidate.”

Laila whole-heartedly recommends the agency because she had had trouble finding a job on her own. “I come from Belgium where this is the usual way to find a job. They took my application seriously and tried to find a job that fitted my profile, not simply looking for any job that I ‘could do’. Within the first few days following my first interview with the agency I had four interviews lined up. Contrast this with the fact that when I was applying for jobs on my own, I had sent in over 40 applications in two months and only got one interview. I got employed one week after my initial interview with the agency. Due to the restructuring of the company I was then made redundant after 10 months, and again I used their services. I would recommend any professional looking for a job to apply with them.”

Anna says “Foreign companies in Malta tend to recruit through an agency. They offer an array of services to companies that want to set up in Malta. It is while they are discussing something like legal issues that they may also ask such agencies for potential employees, therefore, only they would know about this vacancy. Also, when such a good relationship is built with an agency, the foreign company would listen to any recommendations about potential applicants.”

John’s take on this is that there are always particular positions which are very rarely advertised. “They require people with specific qualities and knowledge – and these jobs need to be filled in the least time possible.” Stephen concurs too: “Certainly, many companies tend to rely solely on recruitment agencies rather than posting their own advertisements, especially when they are based overseas or relatively young and may not be familiar with the country’s job market.”

Why did you use these services?

With John it was a classic word-of-mouth scenario. “I also feel that recruitment agencies are gaining more knowledge in the particular sector I work for, and that increases the probability of my getting the job I want.” Anna says that they have ‘that human touch’. “The professional way they deal with applicants and the fact that they are totally confidential; they ensure good contact with the applicant and follow-up on all vacancies and interviews. They keep you informed within a few days of applying. The feedback may consist of: ‘Listen you weren’t short listed, however, don’t worry. What do you think about this other vacancy?’ It keeps your morale up. It’s devastating when you’ve just left university thinking you’re really going to make it in life, to be crushed when you are turned down for the jobs you were so keen on. They get an applicant’s mind off the negatives and looks at other good – maybe even better – possibilities.”

*(Names are fictitious in order to preserve clients’ confidentiality.)

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