When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Recruiters Get Creative
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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Recruiters Get Creative

on 27 November 2020

​In today’s recruiting market, one can’t solely rely on posting on social media and hope for the best. Recruiting top talent takes tactics and further know-how.

Recruiting Entry-Level Talent

When recruiting people who are just about to kick-start their career, a good move would be to reach out to various schools that are relevant. It is very important to work back towards one’s roots, and reverse engineer how it all started. Getting in contact with relevant people, such as recruitment agencies, head of schools, and student organisations is key to create a link to candidates that maybe suitable for listed jobs.

Crucially, monitoring one’s digital footprint and making sure that the agency is present on applicable platforms amplifies the company’s brand image when recruiting entry-level people.

When recruiting people who are already ‘out there’ but still very fresh, a recruiter should start thinking about associating the company with more professional organisations. Ideally, recruitment agencies, as well as companies themselves should seek into sponsoring, host or simply taking part in meetings within the relevant labour market to showcase offers for the right, top candidates.

Recruiting Mid-Level Talent

However, recruiting Mid-Level talent can prove to be a bit more complex. The recruiter has to make sure to manage its online presence, and keep an eye on what other websites might be saying about them. Grapevine wise, employer review sites can have a bigger impact than one would expect. Employees working with a company that doesn’t have a respectable reputation may ultimately leave.

When losing its employees, a company has to offer more than just money. The happiness of an employee is always a long-term investment. Unlike money, happiness is not as easily forgotten.

Recruiting Senior-Level Talent

Senior-level work force usually have already spent decades working in an executive position, and more often than not, people of such caliber are looking for something that makes an impact on the world around them, along with an attractive package. Consequently, as an employer, one would have to think about how to deliver an effective brand image to attract talent.

In conclusion, there are obviously no strict guidelines as how to go about attracting top talent. One has to make sure that whatever the method used, it has to be one that perpetually works in favor of the recruiter. Moving forward, one can measure which methods, and recruitment agencies work best, and give better results. In addition, noticing who stays longer and performs better is a very good ploy to get to know which hiring agencies tactics work best.

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