Why Malta?
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Why Malta?

on 30 November 2020

​Why Malta? Why are people relocating to the Maltese islands?

Malta, a European country located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa, has been on the spotlight in recent years.

Let’s dive in and find out what has turned the Maltese islands into a melting pot for expats to relocate to! The Maltese are well known for their hospitality and friendliness. The people are generous and always try to make guests feel at home. A very common trait for most of the people is the willingness to help should you need assistance especially when travelling around the islands.

What is Malta like?

Malta was a British colony for around 160 years (gaining independence in 1964), which shaped the country and its people. Therefore, the official languages in Malta are two: Maltese and English. The fact that English is Malta’s second official language noticeably helps a lot and takes away a language barrier that many tourists face when on a holiday destination. English language has also welcomed an entire industry for expats: English language teaching. It is has become a main factor to tourism on the Maltese Islands. Language schools have a wealth of experienced teachers to cater for all ages and levels of English. With well over 20 language schools and growing in Malta and Gozo, foreigners who are interested may book a range of courses online and leisure-time activities throughout the year.

According to EURES (The European Job Mobility Portal) the cost of living in Malta is lower than in most of the countries of central Europe which makes it a very attractive option for expats as a country to relocate to. Reasons that also make the islands exceptionally enticing country to move to are the high-ranking factors in terms of its leisure and culture, the environment, freedom, health, safety and security, and climate. Today, children can play outside in absolute safety, and most of the areas are safe to walk or drive around at night.

Great sunny climate and relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle all year around! These are just a few of the reasons why Malta today is an attractive location for expatriates and their families.

Working on the Maltese islands

Working in Malta definitely has its advantages: legislative framework flexible to businesses, an English-speaking labour force, a start-up technology hub, a growing tourism sector, and a mecca for events and conferences. As Malta’s economy is steadily growing on a yearly basis in Southern Europe, so are the employment opportunities.

If you are looking for a job in Malta, bear in mind that Malta’s labour market has certain employment restrictions for non-EU applicants. But don’t let this stop you from relocating to the Maltese islands! Finding work in Malta from abroad may require some patience but as William Langland once said: “Patience is a virtue” or patience might reward you big in the long-run.

Doing business in Malta

Malta is a major transit point for foreign trade and given its location this is mainly with the EU, Asia and the US. The economy is heavily dominated by tourism, manufacturing, technology and financial services sectors. The strong technology infrastructure has attracted firms such as Lufthansa Technik and Dubai’s Tecom that are offering great employment opportunities: IT jobs in Malta as well as Legal and Compliance jobs in Malta. In addition to high-end manufacturing the ICT is also supported by Smart City Malta, a regional hub for software engineering, e-business, and iGaming. Indirect investments flourish in Malta as little that you may know components for McLaren sports cars are manufactured on the island. Consequently, a range of Engineering jobs in Malta have opened!

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