Will Recruitment Agencies Survive?
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Will Recruitment Agencies Survive?

on 29 November 2020

​Of course yes. Recruitment is ever changing nowadays, competition is increasing in Malta and the demand is bigger than the supply with a huge shortfall.

Companies are becoming frustrated that recruitment is taking much longer than a few years back, their business is being disruptive and in some cases impacting the bottom lines.

Is this economic growth in Malta sustainable?

Who knows! We hear many different predictions but we also hear that the state had a deficit for the first time in Q1 this year. The stronger and fitter should survive, but what about the small and medium businesses. These are the ones that have been suffering already.

VacancyCentre (operated by CSB Group) is a small yet remarkably effective recruitment business servicing the resources needed by organisations of all sizes across a wide range of industry sectors, namely Financial Services, Legal & Compliance, Gaming & IT, Administration, and Sales & Marketing.

With grounded experience of 30 years in the recruitment sector, VacancyCentre knows exactly how to reach the best people to fill almost any position. We pride ourselves in delivering an unrivalled candidate experience to ensure we create an ethos that our clients feel confident will represent them in the best possible way.

VacancyCentre brings together organisations with career-minded results driven people, ideally suited to their strengths and interests, providing the best possible outcome for employees and employers alike.

We adapt our recruitment solutions to fit the specific needs of every client, not the other way round. We consider everything we do to be bespoke. Nothing is “off the shelf”.

The foundation of our success is based on treating both candidates and clients as valued customers. We seek to establish trust and respect by providing an excellent recruitment service to our clients and being trusted career advisors to our candidates.

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