Winning Top Talent
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Winning Top Talent

on 27 November 2020

​There’s simply one issue with regards to recruiting top talent. As time goes by, there are fewer people who can actually make the cut and be considered fit to fill in a role.

Quite reasonably, any employer aims at building a team with the best talent out there. Due to a soaring demand, when a highly skilled person enters the market, it does not take too much time until he or she is out of it again. Often enough, driven and experienced candidates, such as managers, hop from one opportunity to another and barely touch base with the market in the first place since they are so sought after by many.

Consequently, recruitment agencies wittingly approach individuals before candidates even decide to make the change themselves. Surely enough, laying the ground work beforehand does the trick.

Candidates as consumers

Smart recruiters treat candidates as consumers. Waiting for customers to come to you will not get you anywhere. Starting the search for the right candidate upon finding out of a vacancy can result in serious delays or job posts remaining unfilled.

A pro-active recruiter watches out for talent before the actual job opportunity arises to ensure timely delivery of results and satisfying solutions to its demanding clients.

Build a relationship

Moreover, it takes time to understand and get to know the candidate while building an effective one-to-one relationship with him or her. The better the relationship the more the recruiter would be able to cater for that specific candidate and in turn propose better suited opportunities.

Even though passive candidates may be more selective than the ones who are actively seeking employment, they will always be willing to listen once a connection is established.

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