5 Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Help your Business
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5 Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Help your Business

on 19 August 2022

When the need to recruit new resources arises, as a business, you might be asking yourself: ‘should we use a recruitment agency?’ Whilst there are many methods to carry out the recruitment process yourself, making the need for a recruitment agency feel like an extra and unnecessary step, recruitment agencies bring a wealth of advantages that you might be overlooking.

Below, we have outlined 5 ways on how working with a recruitment agency can be valuable to your business.

1. Save time and money

In today’s busy business world, the old adage ‘time is money’ is highly relevant. Businesses need to act fast in order to secure the best candidates to fill available positions without disrupting workflow. A recruitment agency can help your business by sourcing candidates, screening and qualifying them for positions and then referring them directly to you for interviewing, thus reducing the time and in-house resources you would otherwise dedicate to finding the ideal candidates.

Additionally, the recruitment company will also act as an intermediary to schedule interviews, prepare and communicate to the candidate all necessary information making the hiring process more streamlined. Apart from attracting and identifying talent and handling all pre-interview steps, recruiters also provide feedback to the candidates. Often, businesses who handle recruiting in-house, make the mistake of not following up on interviews. This might be due to seeing this part of the hiring process as a waste of time, however, even if you are rejecting the candidate, it should be communicated to them. The recruiter provides this feedback to the candidate, helping the business keep on projecting a good image with prospective candidates.

2. Access to the best candidates

Finding the right candidates can sometimes prove difficult. A recruitment agency will have access to a pool of qualified candidates through industry-leading databases; this does not only include active job seekers, but also those who might be passively interested in learning about new opportunities and therefore, might be potentially looking for their next role. Additionally, recruitment agencies have the resources and qualities required to attract more candidates, making their reach much wider.

3. Expert advice and assistance

Another benefit to hiring a recruitment agency is that thanks to the recruiters’ immersion - through conversations with both clients and candidates in the industries they recruit for, they are able to provide your business’s hiring team a better insight into the market; current hiring practices, industry trends, remuneration packages, career development expectations, shortages and more. We are aware that no two businesses are the same, therefore recruitment processes would also differ. For this reason our recruiters strive to tailor-make the recruiting process according to the business’s needs.

4. A smoother interview process

Similar to what we have previously mentioned in the first point, a recruitment agency provides its clients a faster and more efficient methodology to the interview. The client does not need to sift through the applications received and short-list job applicants. Such an onerous step is done by the recruiter who would pre-qualify candidates who fit your list of requirements via a pre-interview and then propose them as a potential candidates. As a client, you will only be interviewing eligible candidates who have been vetted by experienced recruiters in the specific discipline.

5. Salary negotiations

Salary negotiation is often a sensitive topic of discussion. One of the best ways to ease discussions on this topic is having a recruitment agency act as an intermediary. Recruitment agencies can negotiate on behalf of both parties and agree on a mutually acceptable remuneration package. Prior to submitting a candidate, the recruiter would discuss salary expectations with the job candidates and provide them all the relevant information pertaining to each job, including remuneration. Therefore, prior to moving forward to the interview stage, the candidate would be fully aware of the salary they can expect from your business from the outset.



Finally, it is important to mention that a recruitment agency does not replace your existing hiring team but it acts as an extension to your business. As an agency, we would work within your HR structure and aid your process of sourcing, screening and onboarding simpler and more effective.


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