5 Signs it’s Time to Leave Your Job
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5 Signs it’s Time to Leave Your Job

on 07 October 2022

​At one point or another, we all have that moment of wonder and ask ourselves: ‘should I quit my job?’ This might come after being in a role for a long period of time or after changes within an organisation. However, if you’re already asking yourself that question, then your gut instinct is telling you it’s time to quit.

On the other hand, leaving a job is not an easy decision. Yet, if you have an unshakable feeling that you deserve something different and want some help in recognising the signs that it is time to leave your job, we have put together a list containing 5 of the signs you might want to look out for below.

1. You’re interested in something else

When you feel an element of dissatisfaction with your current position, you often start to notice more opportunities. It may also be the case that you’re not in the wrong job but something else is sparking your passion. If one of these is the case, then changing your job would be the natural next step. You should feel passionate about your job and if your current position does not feel like the one, then it is time to start looking and applying for new opportunities and penning that resignation letter.

2. There are no opportunities for growth

When there are no more opportunities for growth within your workplace, then it might be worth considering that growth could look like moving on to another job. Career advancement is a goal for many ambitious people as this allows for the gaining of new skills, taking on more responsibilities and leaving a greater impact. Through work, you are committing your time and energy to the growth of a company and that company should be willing to invest and support in the progress of your career. So, if professional growth is important for you, it's a valid reason that would make you stay or leave a company.

3. You feel undervalued

Although professional growth and job satisfaction are important in one’s career, the primary motivation for working is compensation. Ultimately, your compensation is your worth according to the company you work for; it is how much they value and respect you. Today, you can easily find out the average compensation for your role and if yours is somewhere below the average, then you’re being underpaid and undervalued. If this is the only reason as to why you want to leave your current position, it’s always good to ask for a raise first. However, if there is no interest in offering you a pay rise, then it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

4. You approach each day with stress and dread

Feelings of stress and dread might be the clearest sign that things are not going well with your current job. Here, we are not referring to the short-term stress when you have a deadline but rather to constant stress to the point where you start dreading going to work. This might be a sign that quitting your job might be the best solution as after a while, the mental exhaustion and anxiety will manifest in physical ailments and since work is a big part of our lives, it should not have these affects on a person.

5. There’s a workplace culture disconnect

If your workplace culture no longer matches your values, then it has become unhealthy. Working in what you deem an unhealthy environment will leave a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. Workplace culture includes work-life balance, communication and transparency, growth mindset and trust, amongst others and these might change as a company evolves. Apart from changes within a company, employees also undergo changes within their lives and therefore some changes within company culture might no longer match a certain employee’s lifestyle. Thus, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel there is a disconnect between yourself as an employee and the culture at your place of work, then it might be time to let go.

Bonus: You’re reading this post.

Leaving a job is not an easy decision to take. However, if you’re reading this, maybe you’re looking for that extra push of confidence that you need to take the step. Use this article as a means to have an honest conversation with yourself; we recommend sitting down and reflecting on what you want out of your life and career, and if you do not feel that your current role is serving that, then it might be time to move on.

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