Top 10 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer
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Top 10 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

on 18 November 2022

​The job search process is a tough one, so when receiving a job offer you feel excited that someone recognised your efforts and value. The tendency might be to send an acceptance email immediately, however, before going ahead with accepting you must weigh what the offer actually includes and whether it is in line with your needs.

There are various reasons as to why someone would turn down a job offer and below, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why candidates turn down job offers:

1. The salary offered does not match your expectations

One of the most important things one looks for when searching for a new role is the salary. During the interview process, the topic of salary arises with the company being made aware of what you as a candidate are expecting in terms of salary. However, if you receive a job offer with a salary much lower than the one you shared during the interview, you may try negotiate at this stage and if unsuccessful, turn down the offer.

2. The benefits don’t work for you

Nowadays, compensation is more than the salary. Employee benefits include anything from insurance to allowances, extra vacation days, to paid gym memberships etc. These benefits need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to accept or decline a job offer; for example, if one job covers full health insurance whilst the other offers subsidised health insurance, you need to see which one is more beneficial to you and your finances thus, turning down the one whose benefits don’t work out for you.

3. There is no flexibility and you wish for more work-life balance

One important benefit is flexibility; this includes working hours, place of work etc. Each organisation has different policies when it comes to flexibility with some allowing for each employee to set their own preferred hours, choosing where to work whilst others have strict rules on how the workday should be structured. Everyone has different needs when it comes to this so if the offer you received does not match with your lifestyle, it might be good to turn down the offer and look elsewhere.

4. No potential career advancement

If the overall offer is great yet there is no room for growth within the company, it’s worth asking yourself whether you will be happy staying stagnant in a job. If the job will give you the possibility to learn new skills and the opportunity to take on different responsibilities, it might be worth accepting since it will serve as an experience which will help you take on the next step at another company. However, if this is not the case and you will be doing the same tasks with no prospects for career progression or advancements, it is not a job offer worth accepting.

5. You don't think you'd fit into the work environment or culture.

The workplace environment and culture are also worth considering when deciding on accepting a new role. It is important to remember that you will be spending the majority of your day in this role, therefore if the environment or culture won’t be a fit, it is not worth proceeding with accepting the role.

6. The company’s values go against your personal values

Everyone has their own personal values and beliefs and the same can be said for different organisations. If you feel that you would need to compromise your values and beliefs, you must look for another job which would support them.

7. You got a better offer

A very good reason to turn down an offer is that you’re accepting a better one elsewhere. If you have more than one job offer, you need to weigh the pros and cons and go with the one you feel fits you more.

8. You’re accepting a counteroffer from your current employer

Sometimes, it only takes a nudge like telling your current employer that you’re looking to move on for them to understand your worth. So, your current employer might come back with a great counteroffer which includes a lot of things you were after. If after weighing the reasons why you wanted to leave against why you would stay with the counteroffer in mind and it cancels out most of the reasons as to why you wanted to leave, then it is a good reason to turn down a job offer.

9. It sounds too good to be true

If the offer sounds too good to be true with various promises of quick career advancement, increase in salary, flexibility etc., chances are that they are trying their best to get you on board by making you feel special and it might not be a bad thing to question such promises.

10. Your gut feeling is telling you to decline

Tying to the previous point, sometimes you receive a job offer and instead of feeling joy and excitement you feel a sense of dread or anxiety. Although such a feeling could be passed off as nerves, it might also be a good moment to listen to the voice inside your head and trust your instincts - it might be telling you that the reaction you had to receiving the job offer might be the basis as to why you should turn down the offer.


If you receive an offer which is not right for you and no amount of negotiation will make it suitable, it is best to turn it down. When doing so, you should keep it brief and simple, be honest without sounding rude, thank the hiring person for their time and always remain professional.

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