VC (VacancyCentre) Participates in CSB Group’s 2023 Company Updates
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VC (VacancyCentre) Participates in CSB Group’s 2023 Company Updates

on 25 January 2023

On Friday, VC (VacancyCentre) participated in the 2023 Company Updates event organised by CSB Group. The event, which took place at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, provided an overview of the Group’s performance in 2022 and the ambitious plans for expansion in the future.

The Group CEO, Michael J. Zammit, began the presentation by giving a speech in which he acknowledged the efforts of the team members from CSB Group and its associated brands, namely Regus Malta, VC (VacancyCentre) and Malta Sotheby’s International Realty for their dedication and contributions to making 2022 another successful year.

Following the presentations given by the directors and managers of CSB Group, Francesca Buhagiar, Senior Manager of VC (VacancyCentre), provided a detailed overview of VC's performance in 2022 and highlighted the plans and objectives for the company in the upcoming months. She discussed the key milestones achieved by the company throughout the year, including the launch of Operations, a new discipline in which VC operates in and outlined the strategies that will be implemented to achieve continued growth and success in the future.

To conclude the event, CSB Group recognised and honoured its top employees by presenting them with the Star Awards for their exceptional performance. Additionally, those employees who have been with the Group for five and fifteen years were acknowledged and awarded with Long Service Awards, in recognition of their dedication and commitment to the company.

CSB Group’s 2023 Company Update was extremely successful and well-received by all attendees. The Group places great importance on keeping all of its team members informed about the company's performance and future plans, as it recognises that the success of the Group is the result of the collective efforts and contributions of the entire team. By keeping everyone informed, the Group is able to maintain a sense of unity and shared purpose, and continues to strive for growth and success.

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