Passionate About Specialisation

In any business, specialisation enhances the potential of success. How important is recruitment specialisation in getting jobs filled? The majority of hiring managers and employers are showing a strong preference towards engaging a recruitment service provider that truly specialises in their business segment vertical.


Recruitment – it’s all about Relationships

Recruitment, as in most other businesses, is all about relationships. The success of a recruiter depends very much on the strength of the relationships with both candidates and clients. If you have a strong relationship with a client, it more likely that the client will call you first when a vacancy arises as they need someone they can trust to fill that position.


Employees’ training needs

Organisations focus upon the development of available resources to meet the ever-increasing challenges presented by the competitive environment. Training the organisation’s employees is one of the major continuous investments that organisations make in their employees, although undeniably payroll represents the largest labour cost of any organisation.


Linking training to organisational goals

The Learning Age

Training in today’s learning age has transformed itself from an educational and purely academic dimension to a more inclusive lifelong learning experience. As we grow in our careers and develop our skills and knowledge, we are enriching not only ourselves, but also everyone that we come into contact with.


Vacancies: should you recruit new staff or promote internally?

Every organisation goes through recruitment processes to fill vacancies from time to time.  The age-old dilemma lies in the fact that promoting someone from within the organisation may result in advantages for the organisation when compared with the alternative of recruiting new employees to fill such positions.


Building An Effective Team

A team is a group of individuals – with different backgrounds, personalities and experiences – who have put all their qualities together in order to achieve a common goal.


Hiring Employees

Maximize your chances of making the best hiring decisions. Hiring employees is often a task performed in response to a crisis: you have a vacancy to fill and need someone to fill it fast. A quick call to your advertising agency to design an ad, and the sooner it can go into the papers, the better. How do you get those CVs flooding in?


Avoiding Mistakes When Hiring

Anyone involved in a company’s management and/or its hiring process is highly aware of the current shortage in labour force. There’s no denying that, and there isn’t much that a company can do to solve this acute problem.


Mentoring Programmes For Staff

More and more organisations are looking to create mentoring programs. Mentoring should be seen as a way of life rather than a program or a stand-alone project. If mentoring is to be successful, it must become a priority. If mentoring is to be taken seriously and if key personnel are to devote time and energy to helping others, they must see how mentoring relates to the success of the all parties concerned.


Induction Programmes

Having the CEO or Managing director make a point of coming over and giving a warm smile and a handshake together with a few words of encouragement will go a long way to building the basis of a long and fruitful relationship. But it is not enough!