Training Staff Is Essential

Training your staff is an essential investment in today’s changing and competitive environment. But just sending staff to attend training programs is not enough. You can maximize the impact of your investment by following these key guidelines for management and staff interaction “before”, “during” and “after” the training programme.


Building & Developing Your Team

When people talk about the sense commitment they have to their team or group, one cannot help but wonder what that essence is that makes a good team. What is it that binds the people within the team to work hard, to do more than is expected, to show initiative, to be creative, to give their loyalty to the team?


Advantages of online recruitment sites

As part of a broad job search strategy, online recruitment can make looking for a job easier than ever before. As technology and the internet have exploded in popularity, online recruitment has also become extremely popular with job searchers.


Effective Business Coaching

An increasing number of executives, managers, and others interested in career growth and development turn to a business coach for a personally tailored development process. How often would you have found it useful to have the chance to talk through some key ideas with an impartial and objective person, perhaps in preparation for important meetings or before embarking on a significant change?


Training New Employees

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and we all strive to make a good first impression, particularly when starting a new job. However, are companies making the best first impression on their new staff?


Hiring Employees

Maximize your chances of making the best hiring decisions. Hiring employees is often a task performed in response to a crisis: you have a vacancy to fill and need someone to fill it fast. A quick call to your advertising agency to design an ad, and the sooner it can go into the papers, the better. How do you get those CVs flooding in?


Avoiding Mistakes When Hiring

Anyone involved in a company’s management and/or its hiring process is highly aware of the current shortage in labour force. There’s no denying that, and there isn’t much that a company can do to solve this acute problem.


Mentoring Programmes For Staff

More and more organisations are looking to create mentoring programs. Mentoring should be seen as a way of life rather than a program or a stand-alone project. If mentoring is to be successful, it must become a priority. If mentoring is to be taken seriously and if key personnel are to devote time and energy to helping others, they must see how mentoring relates to the success of the all parties concerned.


The Feasibility of Using Recruitment Agencies

Private recruitment agencies started operating commercially in Malta in the 1980s, offering recruitment services of a general nature, and in 1995 specific legislation was introduced to regulate the duties and obligations provided by such agencies and there are currently more than thirty local organisations that have a licence to provide recruitment services on a commercial basis.