Management Styles

Jack-of-all styles? What is your management style? Situational leadership calls for a variety of management styles, depending not only upon your personality, but on the needs of the situation.


HR Management

Ask as many people you can think of to explain how they define ‘Human Resource Management’ and you will get a variety of answers. The people who run the HR department in all organisations will tell you how differently they are perceived by their staff, and quite often incorrectly.


Employee Morale

One constant and never-ending battle faced by several managers and bosses is that of keeping their employees happy, not only with cash grants but also with providing the right working environment for them to feel happy when coming to work.


Motivate Your Staff

Low morale costs money. Motivated employees make money too often.When a business wants to increase its sales or production, or wants to improve the quality of service being delivered, managers tend to look towards expensive methods.


Respectful Employee Discipline

Discipline at work is not just the result of corrective action taken when an employee does not do what is expected of him/her or if he or she does something that goes against company policy. Discipline at work is an effective management tool with which one can achieve a better and more efficient workplace.


Employee Turnover

If an opinion poll were to be held tomorrow about your company, are you confident it would come out tops as a good employer? Here is a crucial question to ask yourself regularly: if I were looking for a job, would I be attracted to this company?


Dealing with employees

Dealing with employees (contracted or yours) is always challenging and will tax your best management and leadership skills. The following listing, based on a good deal of experience, are items to consider that will help keep you out of trouble when dealing with your employees.


Are you an Equal Opportunities Employer?

Are you an equal opportunity employer, or do you still discriminate between the sexes? While stereotyping is part of human nature, it takes an open mind to accept that you might be guilty of it.


Employee Loyalty

It is a two-way process, a give-and-take based on mutual respect. There is a picture in our minds of a while-collar worker who is loyal to the company out of gratitude for the chance to earn a living.