Substance Abuse at Work

When one talks about health and safety at the workplace, one’s mind is usually and almost instantly set on things related to wearing helmets, protection glasses, safety shoes and other safety gear. However, there are things which are just as important and which effect one’s behaviour and attitude at the workplace just as much as having to deal with dangerous health risks at work.


A Health & Safety Audit

This is the final element in our health and safety management system, and it takes us to the point where we can begin a new cycle of improvement for the coming period. But before we do this we must make an assessment of our performance thus far so that we can identify our strengths and weaknesses, learn from them, and set targets for the future.


A Health & Safety Culture

In the previous articles we saw how important it is to manage our businesses systematically, so that our activities are planned against pre-determined specifications that can be measured. In this way we can keep control over the business and direct our efforts towards delivering the business aims. The same is true for health and safety at work.