Disability at the Workplace

There may be a few things to consider for both the employee and the employer. A person with a disability may need certain arrangements, such as working conditions and a few extra tools or technologies to compensate for his or her disability.


Case Study – Richard Charles Manning vs Wheels Yachting Limited

The applicant was engaged as an engineer on board the vessel M/Y Wheels, registered in Valletta, Malta. On the 30th of October, 2013 the applicant resigned from his position and proceeded to submit an application with the Industrial Tribunal alleging that this resignation was the result of a ‘constructive dismissal’ and that he should consequently be compensated.


Case Study – Raycine Cassar vc Accreda Limited

Raycine Cassar claims that the termination of her employment was unfair and not based on a valid reason. On the 23rd July 2012 Cassar was handed a written warning because of her negative approach especially with respect to her line manager and also due to the fact that when she was asked to follow the appropriate dress code she showed that she did not care to do so.


Substance Abuse at Work

When one talks about health and safety at the workplace, one’s mind is usually and almost instantly set on things related to wearing helmets, protection glasses, safety shoes and other safety gear. However, there are things which are just as important and which effect one’s behaviour and attitude at the workplace just as much as having to deal with dangerous health risks at work.


A Health & Safety Audit

This is the final element in our health and safety management system, and it takes us to the point where we can begin a new cycle of improvement for the coming period. But before we do this we must make an assessment of our performance thus far so that we can identify our strengths and weaknesses, learn from them, and set targets for the future.


Working Conditions – Ventilation and Lighting

Providing adequate ventilation and lighting are the basics of a healthy working environment. We don’t all live in a yellow submarine, where there would be no windows to open and extremely cramped living and working quarters. If you join the navy as a submariner, you know what you’re going in for. But when you join a land-based organisation, you do not expect to find cramped workplaces with a lack of natural air and lighting.


IT & the Modern Office

Temptation to waste company time not only comes in the guise of attractive colleagues – there is a world of distractions coming into the office via the internet that as an employer, you might not even be aware of.


Effective Health & Safety Management

Most employers’ and senior managers’ time is taken up with deciding on the best way forward for their businesses during the coming period. They generally do this either formally or informally, with reference to an overall strategy or plan. What successful businesses do not do however, is to respond only to external influences.