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A contingency search is the search most frequently chosen by many Clients. Companies like the contingency searches because there is no risk to them and no commitment at any time other than the end of the process. If the recruiter finds a person and they ultimately turn out to be the right fit, then the company can hire them and pay the recruiter's fee. The Client might also be working with several other search firms with a "may the best company win" approach. Recruiters working on this basis often have to compete with the client's internal HR department, advertising, direct applicants and typically one or more other recruitment companies. The trick here is to represent the best candidate(s) and to do this faster than the other channels. If for instance, the vacancy is hard-to-fill, chances are there will only e a few candidates out there qualified for the position. Getting to these before everyone else is vital for the successful filling of the post. Contingency searches have proven to be a successful search method and continue to be the preferred method amongst many clients. This level of service is typically ideal when: (i) the vacant position is not a high-level or executive-level position; (ii) there are many people suitable for the job; (iii) the process does not require tight confidentiality; (iv) the recruitment process needs to be accelerated. However, if one is truly dedicated to using a professional search to fill the role, there is a better option.

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