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Recruitment can be tricky, especially when looking to hire for management or board level staff. Executive recruitment is a tool utilised for finding top-level candidates for top-paying jobs. Recruiters may operate within a particular sector and would be responsible for sourcing market leading or hard-to-find talent. The Executive Recruitment Consultant will typically get a detailed understanding of what the employer wants, both in terms of skill and character, before identifying and engaging with prospective candidates, who are likely to be passive candidates who are already in a role. Once the right candidate has been identified, introductions can be made with the employer. The recruiter may also play a part in negotiations. Although the overall goal for an executive search consultant and a recruiter is the same (i.e. make a placement), there is one key difference - recruiters will typically identify a number of active job seekers who would be right for the job. On the other hand, a head-hunter will aim to find the perfect match for both the job and the company - whether the candidate is actively looking or not. Executive recruiters find staff for management or C-suite level roles, meaning that salaries will often exceed the Eur100K. Specific types of staff that a search consultant may source vary from CEO, MD, Operations or Finance Director, CFO, etc. Typical key reasons for this option: (i) access to top candidates; (ii) fill knowledge gap; (iii) reduces risk of bad hire; (iv) cut time to hire; (v) attract passive job seekers; (vi) gain an edge over competition.

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