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Cheryl Vassallo

Senior Recruitment Consultant

About Cheryl

Cheryl leads the VC General desk with a specific remit to service ancillary positions which typically support clients core business operations. Her prime recruitment activity is to engage professionals within sales & business development, marketing and administration positions servicing talent requirements across a wide-network of clients. Prior to joining VacancyCentre she worked for the CSB Group administration team.

Some of her highlights during her tenure at VC were the award of "Top Seller Award" in 2018 and successfully servicing numerous clients and candidates at different function levels through these past years. Cheryl fondly believes the highlight of her job is when she manages to secure a solid work engagement between her clients and candidates. She strongly believes that a recruiter requires plenty of resiliece and motivation to fend through the ups and downs, but at the end results pay off for all the challenges endured along the way.

Since her first day at VC, her mantra tied well with VC values - 'There is no I, in a team' and she firmly believes collaboration and communication are key principles for VacancyCentre success. Across the years, Cheryl has observed a shift in recruitment, recognising the importance for not only being competent recruiters, but also responsible marketeers in the presentation of transparent career opportunities.

"People are unpredictable and staff turnovers expensive. A professional recruiter: consulting, recommending & sourcing the best qualified talent will greatly help clients mitigate costs"

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