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Ricoh Davids

Trainee Recruitment Consultant

About Ricoh

Before reaching the Maltese archipelago to pursue a tertiary level of education in Archaeology and History of Art at the University of Malta, Ricoh had already consolidated a successful career in Dubai. He specialised in Global Business Development, building upon a unique platform to better service a diverse number of market trends, from all facets of the real estate market, tele-communications and ITIL - amassing over 10 years experience through resiliences and hard-work, complimented by a sheer determination to succeed.

He also had the opportunity to delve into recruitment and staffing. This experience has helped him reach the level of exposure which has enticed him into the pursuit of recruitment in a professional capacity. The blend of excitement and challenge that the VC team provides, as well as the clear path to helping others fulfill their potential is exactly the kind of process Ricoh enjoys being a part of. VC welcomes him on-board as an integral part of the team, in service of the Compliance desk.

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