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VC (VacancyCentre) recruits for permanent positions including compliance and AML jobs, servicing multi-size organisations predominantly operating within the Financial Services & Gaming Industry. Consultants work with clients looking to hire new human capital resources for their operations, either to replace, grow or build from scratch. We work in partnership to understand our customers business challenges, and to offer consultancy and advice not only for the recruitment process and strategy, but also the scope of the hired compared to the available talent pool in the market. One of the core specialisations we strongly developed throughout the years of operations revolve around Compliance & Legal functions, for which we have observed a heightened demand for, particularly post-financial crisis in 2008. We typically hire for: AML Analysts; MLRO, Compliance Officers & Managers, Head of Compliance, Legal Advisers, Corporate Governance Officials; Corporate Service Administrators. Below are the job categories we specialise in:

Risk – 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' – this sentiment is the reason that risk management exists. In markets that are increasingly marked by volatility and subject to complex social, political and economic change, risk management is more crucial that ever. We speak with risk professionals who are capable to identify, evaluate and prioritise risks and act to minimise and control adverse events or maximise opportunities that come with disruption.

Corporate Services– since the introduction of legislation to regularise this profession, Malta has experienced a surge of applications for licensing and the MFSA counts numerous licensed entities offering corporate services to clients to-date. Corporate services are a range of corporate wide support services requiring specialised knowledge, skills and best practices. Specific abilities can vary greatly based on degrees of experience & knowledge, thus why our talent services become invaluable in this process. We put in motion the following services – sourcing talent; putting in the recruitment leg work; industry insights; and advertising vacancies – building on talent to service our clients better.

Regulatory – compliance has had a golden decade since the 2008 financial crisis. The plethora of regulations, covering everything from capital and corporate governance to disclosure and diversity has led to financial institutions bulking up their workforce. In a complex regulatory landscape, professionals who ensure their employer plays by the riles of an ever-changing game are in high demand.

Financial Crime, Fraud & AML – the continued and increasing threat of money laundering, financial crime and fraud is a continued peril for most organisations. Client safeguarding against such threats whilst adhering to regulatory requirements is an absolute priority and high on top of any board agenda. Our consultants have a wealth of experience recruiting for experts across the following areas: Anti-Money Laundering; Client On-boarding; KYC; Anti-Bribery & Corruption; Due diligence; Sanctions & investigations.

Legal – the clients business sectors have become the subject of increased legislation and competition which has in turn affected both recruitment businesses and buyers of recruitment services. Clients have an ever-increasing requirement for experienced lawyers who will understand the commercial and regulatory legislation. We recruit for a full range of legal professionals to handle legal issued afflicting client business operations, such as – Commercial & Corporate Lawyers, Data Protection; Debt Recovery; Employment & Immigration Law, Litigation – amongst many more other requirements relating to functions within the Regulatory.

GDPR – in view of the recent enactment of new laws across Europe relating to the safeguard of individual data protection, client businesses hold vast amounts of personal data on their candidates, contractors and clients so data protection compliance has become extremely important to avoid complaints, regulatory investigations, fines and reputational damage. In the specific we have upped our services to build on a talent pool in this specific area to counter the increasing demand from clients to engage professionals in such capacity.

Corporate Governance – working closely with our Consultants handling Corporate Secretarial & Governance allows focus on experienced hires for company secretariat and governance function across a wide range of organisations in the banking and financial services, commercial, professional, services and not-of-profit sectors. We work at all levels of experiences and qualified ICSA and legal hiring to assist our clients with effective resourcing of their company secretarial and governance functions and to provide candidates with support through the different stages of their career and professional development.

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