1. How can I register?
To create an account click on ‘Register now’ on the home page and then enter your email address and password. We highly recommend, that BOTH sections are fully completed, as this will increase the possibility of being successful in your career search.
2. Instead of registering, would it be possible to send my CV via email/mail?
This is possible though not ideal. By registering through our website, your details, CV and preferred jobs will be downloaded onto our backend system, making your application searchable by various keywords in our database, thus maximising the potential of your career search. By sending your CV via email/mail, you are most likely to receive directions to register.
3. May I come in to speak to you and discuss my CV before registering?
Yes you may, although we strongly suggest you register as registered candidates will be given preference.
4. I am trying to register and an error keeps appearing. What shall I do?
Kindly send a screen shot of the error to [email protected], we will then get back to you within 2-3 working days.
5. Can I use the same email address to register for another account?
Regrettably no; since the email address forms part of your log in details, each account needs to have its unique email address.
6. I have multiple email accounts and I forgot which address I registered with. What shall I do?
Kindly contact us by calling on +356 2123 2224 or by sending an email to [email protected] disclosing your contact information and your new email address. We will then change your email address in our system and get back to you with a new password within a few working days.
7. I forgot my password to register, what shall I do?
Your password can be retrieved by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’ and entering your email address. Your password will then be sent to your inbox.
8. Once registered, what happens next?
Once registered, we shall get back to you within a few days– either via email or telephone – though in the meantime VacancyCentre.com also provides the possibility to browse through our Job Bank, where all our vacant positions are listed within their respective category. Although the Job Bank is also available for non-registered users, one is only provided with facility to apply for positions if a registrant.
9. Where can I find the Job Bank?
The Job Bank may be found towards the bottom left of our homepage or through the menu within the Candidates’ section.
10. My account is locked. What does it mean and can I still apply for any vacancies?
Every time you log into your account it will be locked, until it is approved by one of our staff. While your account is locked, you are still able to browse our job bank as well as apply for any vacancy.
11. How will my CV get to the employer eventually?
It is all done through us. Once you are contacted by one of our Recruitment Officers, to attend an initial interview, you will be given all necessary details on the job opportunity including the Company, after which we would require your consent to forward your CV.
12. When attending an interview with VacancyCentre do I need to bring anything with me?
Yes, it is important to bring any reference letters you may have from your previous employers along with your ID card.
13. Will my CV be treated in strictest confidence? When can employers see it?
Yes, we will always keep your details confidential until you give us your consent to put forward your application. Therefore potential employers will not be provided with your CV, unless you instruct us to do so.
14. Since you will be informing me about potential job opportunities, should I still apply myself?
Yes; it is important to keep up to date with the positions listed in our Job bank as this is updated on a weekly basis. This will provide us with a clear indication of your interests’ vis-à-vis job opportunities.
15. What is [email protected]?
[email protected] is a mail shot that we send out with the top vacancy of the week.
16. How can I register for the [email protected] service?
All you need to do is go to ‘Subscribe to [email protected]’ in the Candidate’s section and follow the instructions.
17. Is there a fee to use your services?
No, our services are free of charge; there is no fee to register and no fee to apply for jobs.
18. I am a non-Maltese EU citizen and would like to find employment in Malta. How can I obtain a work permit?
Once you manage to secure employment in Malta, your employer will apply for the work permit. On submitting the application, you will receive immediately a Provisional Employment License, which entitles you to start work immediately. A definitive employment license will be sent to the employer by post as soon as the necessary verifications are completed. It is best to contact ETC for additional information and updates in legislation.
19. I am a non-EU citizen and would like to find employment in Malta. Is it possible to obtain a work permit?
It is possible, but it will take around 2-3 months to be issued. Once you secure employment, the employer will apply directly for the work permit. The reason for this is that the employer needs to justify why he / she is not employing a Maltese national. It is best to contact ETC for additional information and updates in legislation.