Terms & Conditions

Version Number 3.1
Version Date: 30th March 2021

VacancyCentre / VacancCentre.com (hereinafter the "Website") is owned and operated by CSB Group of the Penthouse, Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, BKR4013, Malta and is licensed by the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations, with license number EA Lic 6/95.

VacancyCentre is a registered trademark of CSB Group.

VacancyCentre / we / us / our means CSB Group.

You / your / yourself means the User of the website.


When registering with VacancyCentre you provide us with your personal information in order to create and save your personal profile on our systems, for the specific purpose of providing recruitment solutions and related services, in line with these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Such a profile may either be created by yourself, when registering directly via the Registration page on our website, or by VacancyCentre in the event that you forward your information to us via email, phone, mail or any other means, including in person. In either of the above situations, requiring recruitment services by creating a profile with VacancyCentre is governed by these Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy.

When a profile is created, you shall have full access to your personal data and have the facility to change, delete or modify this data independently. Whilst you shall have full responsibility for the accuracy of the data, we remain available to assist you, as and when you may need to update this information.

Upon the creation of your profile and in line with the purpose for which you have registered with VacancyCentre, we may contact you to share and discuss relevant job opportunities and provide you with any assistance required.

Should you wish to keep abreast with the most recent vacancies on the market via our job alerts service, you would have to register for these notifications and provide us with your specific areas of interest and consent to receive such communications.

Once we share opportunities and you express an interest in such opportunities, you shall be given full disclosure of the companies details. We will not however disclose your details to such third parties until we have discussed the opportunities with you and you have consented to such sharing of your personal data in line with our recruitment services.

All profiles are created on an Application Tracking System (ATS) called Bullhorn Staffing & Recruiting Software.

It is at the Company full-discretion whether to store Candidate data or otherwise.

General Terms of Use

You will not post or transmit to the website any material that contains a virus or disabling services that may interfere with the operation of the website or infringe any intellectual property right/s of any third party or that could affect VacancyCentre's reputation or that defames, abuses, harasses or threatens others or encourages any illegal activity or otherwise could damage or cause a loss in any manner whatsoever to VacancyCentre.

You agree that you will exercise due care and caution to avoid the breach of any provision of your employment contract and any other contractual obligations you may have entered into, by using the website and providing information as indicated in these terms and conditions.

VacancyCentre shall, in its sole discretion, determine your compliance with these terms and conditions and shall have the unrestricted right to prevent any user from using the website without providing any notice whatsoever.

VacancyCentre does not provide any guarantee and/or assurance that an employer, or any third party who has any tole in the selection process, will offer you a position or request an interview.

You undertake that you will not disclose your name and/or password, which are required to access the website, to any third party and accept that VacancyCentre shall not be responsible for any unauthorised access of your data, occasioned by your carelessness, fault or negligence.

You shall indemnify VacancyCentre and hold it harmless against any loss or damage suffered, which may be occasioned through your own fault or negligence and/or your misuse of the website including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any loss or damahe arising from your direct or indirect dissemination of any confidential information stored on the website.

You understand and acknowledge that the vacancies advertised on the website will be subject to recruitment and employment legislation in the country where the job is based.

Should you have any queries relating to VacancyCentre's adherence to data protection regulation, please refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us: [email protected]


The copyright of VacancyCentre and the domain name VacancyCentre is the exclusive property of CSB Group and all rights in relation to such copyright are expressly reserved. The copying, reproduction, redistribution, retransmission or storage of all parts of the contents of this website is expressly prohibited (except printing of website pages by users for their own benefit and personal use).

Force Majeure

Whilst every effort is made by VacancyCentre to ensure the reliability and integrity of its systems, VacancyCentre accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss suffered, whether financial or otherwise, as a result of (i) interruption to delivery or delays in accessing the Website, downtime or technical errors, irrespective of the cause thereof: or (iii) any viruses transmitted via the website. Neither VacancyCentre nor any of its service providers or employees gives any warranty that the service will be error free or uninterrupted.

Governing Law

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Maltese law.

By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you hereby confirm that the personal data submitted to VacancyCentre is true and correct and that you undertake to provide VacancyCentre with written notice of any changes in your personal data from time-to-time.

You also hereby agree to the processing of such personal data by VacancyCentre, in accordance with these Terms and the Privacy Policy for the specific purpose of the provision of recruitment and related services, in line with the General Data Protection Regulations.

You declare that you are aware of your legal rights to request VacancyCentre to provide you with the personal data held about you, from time-to-time and to request its rectification, blockage, erasure or transfer where appropriate.