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About Us

VC (VacancyCentre) is a well-established recruitment company in Malta servicing talent resource requirements across various industries that require technical and specialist roles within the disciplines of Finance, Compliance, Technology & Operations.

Mission Statement:
"To identify top talent to assist Clients hiring their best human resource and for Candidates to further their professional careers."

With decades of recruitment experience, VC (VacancyCentre) has reaped valuable market knowledge by placing emphasis on delivering a professional, pragmatic and timely delivery both for Clients and Candidates. In-depth searches across the passive and active Candidate marketplace, provides Clients with the direct access to an ideal pool of choice thanks to our matching strategy to deliver the most relevant and qualified talent.

The foundation of our success is based on listening carefully to both Candidates and Clients, evaluating current and future market trends to help us formulate our tailor-made solutions. The prime objective is to establish a trustworthy relationship providing a transparent service towards providing a timely and effective recruitment service. Our prime recruiting objective is to find the most talented people in the industry. We offer a solution to both employers and job applicants. Today, many professionals when effectively approached with an excellent opportunity, will consider a potential move. Our recruitment methodology and experience allows us to be very effective and most of all pro-active finding the perfect match.


Put simply, we deliver the most talented profiles to our client-base.
Whether it is Finance, Compliance, Technology or Operations, it is key for us to explore and understand the career aspirations of our Candidates and to match such with the requirements of our Clients. We effectively do this, thanks to the ever-developing in-depth knowledge we have of the marketplace and its emerging trends, as well as the different types of organisations that we work with, and their peculiar and diverse skill requirements.


We offer our clients a complete recruitment solution across the disciplines we cater for.
Originally our business revolved servicing all positions within an organisation and we are quiet generalist in our approach. In time we started expanding onto more focused domains in recruitment across a wider variety of technical roles. Our continued focus means we gain valuable and current market knowledge along the way, ensuring we can truly offer a fine-tuned service, second to none.


We are here to make your permanent recruitment process timely, effective, useful and ultimately successful for everyone involved.
Our recruitment solutions are determined by tried and tested methods to ensure an effective solution for all those involved. Our focus on establishing networks of skilled individuals, as well as knowing our client businesses, culture and skill requirements guarantees we have a high success rate on our placements.

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    We are in recruitment for the long term. We always strive to nurture collaborations, share insights and offer advice.

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    We combine decades of recruiting experience with sectorial knowledge to deliver unparalleled & continued success stories across our client base.

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    Candidate Care

    We hand-hold our recommended talent through the whole recruiting process. We take time & care to help people with their job hunting.

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    Focus & specialism is ever-increasingly demanded by our clients, thus our focus to centralise our recruiting efforts predominantly around Finance - Technology - Compliance - Operations.

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    Additional services

    In addition to the core technical areas, we have a dedicated team to support clients with Outplacement & HR Consulting - services.

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    Filtering & screening is at the heart of our daily work. We stick to our creed of a 3:1 principle (shortlist : place). We have internal mechanisms to ensure we strictly avoid bulk CV send-outs.

Company Milestones

CSB Group established

Established in 1987 by its now chairman, Mr Tony Zammit, CSB Group was originally involved in Recruitment and Debt Collection services. Over the past three decades, the Group has steadily grown into becoming a leading Corporate Services Provider in Malta and is today led by Michael J. Zammit.

VacancyCentre.com officially launched

Founded in 1999, VacancyCentre established itself as one of the first recruitment agencies to go online. With grounded experience across the past two decades, the recruitment firm became not only an agency but a partner in building candidates future and shaping clients strategic business aspirations.

Valletta to Swatar office move

CSB's operation from a two-roomed office in Valletta, expanded to three offices in the same area before eventually moving to Swatar in 2009. Over the past year, the brand went through a new rebranding exercise and established its business address in its current complex in Swatar.

Fifth brand update across the past 12 years

​The brand unveiled its fifth revamp across the past 12 years. RSS feeds, coupled with content rich media for mobile and tablet-users mark this edition of the revamp. This milestone continued to consolidate the brand's success stories and expertise in the iGaming, Financial Services, Accounting & Tech industries. ​

Launch of a new improved website

Along the growth of VacancyCentre's service portfolio and team expansions, the brand launched a new and improved website, thus guaranteeing easier accessibility and faster navigation for both job seekers and employers. This step has helped the brand to strongly affirm its online presence and to provide a more seamless experience towards both a user-friendly & mobile-friendly experience throughout.​

VC: Re-engineer, Re-brand & Re-vamp

2020 was a challenging year not only for our operations but for the whole world, due to the global pandemic, but it granted precious time for VacancyCentre to embark onto unfolding its next leap forward. The revamp to VC has brought along a newly reinvigorated look & feel, which coupled with a radical modernisation of its internal technological systems and processes it has catapulted the brand into a new era of recruitment. The team has worked hard to maintain an uninterrupted level of service to both Clients and Candidates.
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Find your next job

What makes talent right in today’s competitive business world is the ability to be agile in dynamic market environments, to realize growth ambitions both locally and internationally, fill the gaps within the business to bring new products and services to the market faster than the competitors.

CSB logo

CSB Group

CSB Group are owners and operators of VC.mt. Established in 1987, CSB Group offers diverse yet specialised business solutions and commercial services to a vast portfolio of corporate and private clients seeking to setup or relocate to Malta.

CSB Group’s main areas of specialisation include:

•Corporate & Trust

•Accounting & Tax

•Regulated Financial Services

•iGaming & Fintech

•Employment Advisory Services


•Citizenship & Residence Planning

•Real Estate & Serviced Office Space



  • R.R.

    Pub 05 Dec 2022

    It was a great pleasure to be assisted in the job seeking process by Simon Pace. He was outstanding, and lead me through the whole hiring process.

  • D.I.

    Pub 21 Nov 2022

    ​Samrudhi is an exceptional recruiter. She is easily the best fit between clients and candidates. She's highly responsive and diligent. She's a great addition to any company. I recommend her services.

  • J.M.

    Pub 21 Oct 2022

    ​The manner in which Simon guided and supported me during the entire interview process was absolutely amazing. Simon Pace is approachable and responsive, he always had time to listen and to guide me, I highly recommen...

  • T.M.

    Pub 19 Oct 2022

    Samrudhi is a breath of fresh air to work with. She helped me shape my resume through very friendly chat sessions. We even collaborated on calls before she introduced me to her client. The final results speak for them...

  • I.G.

    Pub 16 Mar 2022

    ​As I am sure many have, I worked with other agencies in the past and found some to either have little idea of my field (other than the buzzwords), or more interested in pushing me into a role rather than one which fi...

  • P.K.

    Pub 11 Jan 2022

    ​Daniel is not only somebody with a can-do attitude, but he gets it done, too. As a recruiter, he has a personal approach, and he quickly understands what you're looking for. It was a pleasure dealing with him.

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