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Put simply, we deliver the most talented profiles to our client-base.
Whether it is Finance - Compliance - Technology or other supporting roles within the Client organisation, it is key for us to explore and understand the career aspirations of our Candidates and to match such with the requirements of our Clients. We effectively do this, thanks to the ever-developing in-depth knowledge we have of the marketplace and its emerging trends, as well as the different types of organisations that we work with, and their peculiar and diverse skill requirements.


We offer our clients a complete recruitment solution across the disciplines we cater for.
Originally our business revolved servicing all positions within an organisation and we are quiet generalist in our approach. In time we started expanding onto more focused domains in recruitment across a wider variety of technical roles. Our continued focus means we gain valuable and current market knowledge along the way, ensuring we can truly offer a fine-tuned service, second to none.


We are here to make your permanent recruitment process timely, effective, useful and ultimately successful for everyone involved.
Our recruitment solutions are determined by tried and tested methods to ensure an effective solution for all those involved. Our focus on establishing networks of skilled individuals, as well as knowing our client businesses, culture and skill requirements guarantees we have a high success rate on our placements.

What Sets VC Apart?

Recruitment Solutions

A contingency search is the search most frequently chosen by many Clients. Companies like the contingency searches because there is no risk to them and no commitment at any time other than the end of the process. If the recruiter finds a person and they ultimately turn out to be the right fit, then the company can hire them and pay the recruiter's fee. The Client might also be working with several other search firms with a "may the best company win" approach. Recruiters working on this basis often have to compete with the client's internal HR department, advertising, direct applicants and typically one or more other recruitment companies. The trick here is to represent the best candidate(s) and to do this faster than the other channels. If for instance, the vacancy is hard-to-fill, chances are there will only e a few candidates out there qualified for the position. Getting to these before everyone else is vital for the successful filling of the post. Contingency searches have proven to be a successful search method and continue to be the preferred method amongst many clients. This level of service is typically ideal when: (i) the vacant position is not a high-level or executive-level position; (ii) there are many people suitable for the job; (iii) the process does not require tight confidentiality; (iv) the recruitment process needs to be accelerated. However, if one is truly dedicated to using a professional search to fill the role, there is a better option.

A second option is the exclusive search approach. This is more of a collaborative search, where the company and the recruiter work together to locate and attract the person who is rightly suitable for the job. The 'exclusive' part of the agreement is just that the position is exclusive to the search professional and cannot be filled by any other source during the exclusive period. Every search should be original and every search, if done right, should take some time. Typically for this selection, the recruiter knows that their time spent digging into the marketplace is time well spent. The end result is almost always a more successful and pleasing experience for everyone involved. When people work together for a common goal and both parties have a vested interest, the success rate and quality of outcome will be more qualitative. Companies will typically request an exclusive search when they are looking to fill a senior position and sometimes when all other cheaper search options have been exhausted.

Recruitment can be tricky, especially when looking to hire for management or board level staff. Executive recruitment is a tool utilised for finding top-level candidates for top-paying jobs. Recruiters may operate within a particular sector and would be responsible for sourcing market leading or hard-to-find talent. The Executive Recruitment Consultant will typically get a detailed understanding of what the employer wants, both in terms of skill and character, before identifying and engaging with prospective candidates, who are likely to be passive candidates who are already in a role. Once the right candidate has been identified, introductions can be made with the employer. The recruiter may also play a part in negotiations. Although the overall goal for an executive search consultant and a recruiter is the same (i.e. make a placement), there is one key difference - recruiters will typically identify a number of active job seekers who would be right for the job. On the other hand, a head-hunter will aim to find the perfect match for both the job and the company - whether the candidate is actively looking or not. Executive recruiters find staff for management or C-suite level roles, meaning that salaries will often exceed the Eur100K. Specific types of staff that a search consultant may source vary from CEO, MD, Operations or Finance Director, CFO, etc. Typical key reasons for this option: (i) access to top candidates; (ii) fill knowledge gap; (iii) reduces risk of bad hire; (iv) cut time to hire; (v) attract passive job seekers; (vi) gain an edge over competition.

Recruitment Solutions


Is your company restructuring?
A company laying-off people brings about disruptions to the daily live, which in turn brings worries about our self & family safeguard, whilst putting into question the status of current and future jobs. In the midst of such challenges we have developed an offering to assist and facilitate organisations internal restructuring processes, in particular to provide support & assistance to those employees hit by redundancies.

What is Outplacement?
Outplacement is a support service provided by organisations to help former employees transition to new jobs. A consultancy firm usually provides a structured outplacement process, a service typically paid for by the former employer and is achieved usually through practical advice, training materials and workshops. Outplacement provides former employees with structure and guidance towards their new career options and preserves the morale of those who remain in the Company who see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave the company.

As employees depart the firm during times of restructuring, they will leave with an opinion about the company - and likely hold it for years to come. This is why outplacement - a service typically provided by the employer to help impacted employees transition to new jobs - is becoming a standard benefit in a growing number of industries. Once considered a perk given just to C-suite or Executive level employees, outplacement solutions today are often offered to employees at every level of the organisation. Main Benefits: (1) increase in loyalty and engagement from remaining employees; (2) maintains a positive employer reputation in times of crisis; (3) opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility to help redundant employees find work elsewhere; (4) provides invaluable support to impacted employees who may in future become your referees of clients & employees

How to Register?
Download the e-brochure for more detailed information. At the rear of the document you will find two application forms - the Employer section should be filled in by the company requesting the service, whilst the Employee section should be completed by the interested participant(s). Individuals applying directly for this service (without an Employer) can register and pay directly. Please send your filled in applications forms to [email protected]

For more information, please download the e-brochure from here.

Outplacement Services

HR & Employment Advisory Services

The Human Resources function is one of the strategic and operational pillars within an organisation. It requires a set-up which can address the regulatory employment obligations, the experience to consult top management on people-related decisions, the influential strength to foster or channel the Company's culture, all this whilst having ears and hands to the ground to handle or escalate day-to-day matters. This may require significant efforts and investment, and sometimes small enterprises often do without an appointed HR professional entirely, which often results in other roles within the organisation becoming increasingly burdened with matters that they may not have the energy or competence to handle. All this is costly not only in terms of the lost opportunity to focus on revenue generating areas of the business but also due to the costs inherent in issues such as poor organisational structure or a lack of performance management process.

CSB group has a team of dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields and who can act as your partner in navigating through every aspect of the employment cycle. Whether you are a start-up or an established organisation, we can assist you with any query or service requirement that is tailored to your business’ needs. The following are examples of some of the HR solutions offered:

  • Outsourcing and/or setting up of an HR function within an organisation

  • Mentoring of HR personnel, performance management and 360-degree appraisals

  • Drafting of contracts and other HR-related documentation

  • Templates of essential policies and procedures & tailored employee handbook

  • Coaching of business leaders and talent evaluation & development

  • Compensation planning / Success planning

  • Planning, communicating & implementing change

  • Consultancy on disciplinary action(s)

  • Assistance with planning and executing redundancies

  • Employee surveys

​Visit the following link for more detailed information:
Should you require more information please contact Elaine Dutton - Head of HR & Employment Advisory Services on [email protected]