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Are you inquisitive, driven, fast learner & hungry to achieve - we'd like to hear from you ...

What we look for...

What we look for ...

If you are inquisitive, driven and a fast learner, with a hunger for achievement but grounded enough to appreciate nothing in this life comes easy, we would like to hear from you. We are a determined team of professional consultants hungry, ambitious and resilient - (let's face it you have to be in this profession). Our differentiating aspect compared to most other recruitment agencies is the flexible environment we daily aim to cultivate. Our commission structures are individual-based and allows you to maximise your earnings (with no capping) as much as you want, in an atmosphere which is highly collaborative and inclusive. The recruitment industry is highly transparent where performance is very obvious for all to see, with no limits, no ceilings, just loads of opportunities to test yourself and prove how good you really are.

What about the Job?

Let us provide you with an honest overview of what it means to be a recruiter at VC (VacancyCentre) and what we can offer to ensure you reach your maximum potential: The job of a Recruitment Consultant is not for the faint-hearted, as the hours involved are extensive and every single poses different challenges. You will need to be ready for the daily ups and downs, with rejections, with hard-to-reach clients and candidates, with competition tactics and moves to take away business from you. That being said, the rewards and the satisfaction reaped by the success stories in our practical opinion greatly outweigh the hardships. Ultimately this job is about building relationships and attracting new business from clients whilst sourcing the ideal Candidates to fill the roles - sounds simple eh? The best people in this job have drive, ambition, resilience and motivation to stay on top of the game. The job is primarily sales based and you will be spending most of your time juggling between telephone and email, possibly cold-calling and/or regularly touching base with Clients and Candidates - your phone is your friend. These communication tools coupled with your market insight and knowledge will proof an effective toolkit towards a successful journey in this industry.​

"We reward hard working people and we take it in our stride for our team to grow in their profession.
If we do not manage to keep your burning interest alive, we would be failing our mission"

What We Offer:

When it comes to remunerating our people we do not apply any thresholds - meaning what you place and bill you earn commission, thus the sky the limit. There is more than what meets the eye, but for more you will have to speak to us to find out! Until then, let us give you a sneak-peak of some of our benefits and incentives to get you started.

What We Offer at VC

Training & Development:

Welcome to a Recruitment Journey like no other. We are passionate about learning and development and we are committed to offer an unparalleled training experience to enrich your career as a professional recruiter - we are here to raise the bar. People are at the heart of everything we do here at VC (VacancyCentre), and we are keen to take you through a journey around a set of carefully structured course programmes to bolster your career further. We sub-divide our training programme in two key streams:

Part 1: Foundations of Recruitment
Part 2: Advanced Recruitment for the Experienced Recruiter

We will provide you with reading material; articles; share tips & tricks gathered from experience; outline sales practices & methodologies; teach you how to best handle objections; take you through the intricate steps of recruitment; share explanatory videos led by industry-known practitioners to take you through specific concepts; detail key terminologies and much more.



We are eager to speak to like-minded professionals who share our same belief & mindset, and thus understand the human touch and expert guidance we seek to deliver. The absolute pursuit of fee generation is not the culture we aspire to develop, but rather we wish to instil the importance of delivering an unparalleled client experience. We would be interested to sit down, have a coffee and exchange thoughts with anyone who believes can provide focus and that flare of professionalism who can embrace our consultative approach. A mix of experiences working in (or closely aligned) to a particular discipline or industry is mostly welcomed, especially if this relates to Learning & Development, Finance, Technology, Sales, Advisory or similar. From experience we firmly believe that having an optimistic attitude, combined with passion, drive and team-play are qualities which well fit within our thriving environment.

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