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We respect privacy rights and recognize the importance of protecting Personal Information. For this reason we prefer not to fully disclose the source of testimonials when provided by candidates.

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  • J.M.

    Pub: 8 Nov 2021

    ​Daniel has been amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment person. I cannot thank him enough for his support and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career within just few weeks! Well done Daniel.

  • F.O.

    Pub: 4 Nov 2021

    ​Daniel is a very passionate person about what he does. He always does his best, provides support and guides whenever his help is needed. Moreover, he knows which roles could be best for the people and follows the IT area heedfully. If one day your roads get crossed with him, feel confident. Since he will do his best as always he does.

  • Ivan

    Pub: 30 July 2021

    ​I was referred by a friend to make use of VC in searching for the best career opportunity. Instead of hours going through different job descriptions, Daniel made it seamless by getting to know me, my skills and my experiences and laid out jobs that best suit me. Without any waste of time, I was already in contact with whom is now my employer. The willingness to help and the immediate feedback provided by Daniel and VC is what I am most grateful for.

  • Rachel

    Pub: 18 May 2021

    Francesca has given considerable attention to my job search and presented me with a specific role that actually materialised to be my current employment. She followed up before and after the interview process to ensure that I was prepared and to give her feedback. I would really recommend her as she ensured that I was happy with the contract offered. To summarise personal attention was given and I felt that I was not just a number.

  • Leah

    Pub: 17 May 2021

    ​I find Francesca to be very engaging and high in integrity. What I valued the most is that she always listens and  was quick to help.  I'm sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find the right job, as she found for me. Also providing myself with the important support that I needed.

  • Client (Tech)
    Client (Tech)

    Pub: 4 Feb 2021

    ​"We have now availed ourselves to the recruitment services of VacancyCentre for over a year now. With a proven track record in a highly technical field , they helped us find the right candidate for the respective post in a truly efficient and professional way. By using their established network, they excel in applying their skills in identifying talent and matching candidates to the right opportunity. Daniel Genuis has always made himself available and left no stone unturned to ensure a win/win for all parties concerned. We would have no hesitation in recommending their service."

  • Anonymous

    Pub: 22 Jan 2021

    ​There’s a lot to say about Daniel, but the characteristics which making him special is his love to his work and his willingness to help at anytime with all his effort. He’s so professional on the work basis and always taking the responsibility to commit to whatever he saying, also he’s so friendly peaceful person i can say. Thanks Daniel , it was a great pleasure dealing with you.

  • Andrew

    Pub: 24 Nov 2020

    I contacted Simon to help me find a job in a difficult time and I have no regrets. He was extremely helpful from the start, offering opportunities whilst always safeguarding my interests. Excellent service throughout.

  • J.G.

    Pub: 19 Nov 2020

    Simon from VacancyCentre has been extremely helpful with my job search. I felt that he possesses a deep knowledge of the market for jobs within the finance industry as he patiently explained to me what opportunities will most probably meet my job and salary expectations. He set up interviews for me with potential employers and always sought for feedback both from the employer and myself. Nonetheless, when I got accepted he also negotiated a better salary, which by myself couldn’t have negotiated. I am truly grateful and greatly recommend Simon and other recruiters from VacancyCentre! ​

  • Daryl

    Pub: 4 Nov 2020

    ​Daniel has been a great help in my search for a new opportunity, he has impressive knowledge of the market and identified attractive and relevant IT roles very efficiently. He is approachable, professional and has always found time to offer invaluable advice on relocating and working in Malta. ​

  • Sam

    Pub: 3 Nov 2020

    I have dealt with over 10 recruiters in my last job search. Daniel was the one who was really very helpful. I was struggling with my termination and work permit process. He guided me very smoothly. He helped from the beginning of the job search till my onboarding. I am glad that I got a best recruiter in Malta. I am really very thankful to him.

  • Rebecca

    Pub: 4 Nov 2020

    ​Francesca from VacancyCentre was always very efficient and professional. Thanks to her guidance I have managed to land a job in an area I always wanted to establish myself in. In the past I have come across many different recruiters ,however none of them helped me the way Francesca has ,as she always went the extra mile to accommodate me ,even if that meant taking my call after work hours.​