8 Questions to Ask the Interviewer


When a candidate is selected for an interview, most of the time, the case is that the interviewee tends to take a submissive approach, and upon meeting the interviewer just sit, and  focus on preparing themselves mentally to be bombarded with questions to answer.

However, it is not always the case. A candidate should always make the most for him/herself during a job interview. One, should not always talk away to take as much time as possible and avoid being questioned, but also to ask questions to gather valuable information for the candidate to evaluate to his/her advantage.

This approach will also serve you to come across as confident to the other party. There are a few standard questions which would be ideal for the candidate to go ahead and ask to the employer.

8 questions to ask the interviewer:

  1. Is there a culture that inhibits the workplace and company over all?
  2. Why did you, yourself choose this company?
  3. If accepted, will there be training provided in the beginning?
  4. Are there any general perpetual struggles or challenges that the company or certain departments face regularly?
  5. Is there any particular process to evaluate an employee’s performance?
  6. Who will I be reporting to?
  7. Do you offer opportunities to you own employees to grow and advance within the company?
  8. Is it possible for me to contact you to ask any questions I may have?

It is crucial to make it a point and plan your approach before the interview so that you avoid asking or saying anything at all that may come across as ambiguous or inappropriate. In addition, even though you have all the rights to know all about the benefits and the salary the employer would be willing to offer you, this should be ideally discussed after the position is offered to the candidate.

Not jumping way too much ahead is crucial to not give the impression that you are way too confident. It is obviously best to give a great first impression that is memorable so that you can increase your chances to be called in for a second interview. However tactical balance is not only beneficial, but also essential. An interview should be regarded as one of the main instances where the candidate can effectively gain further insight about the position rather than just researching online.

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