How to write a covering letter?

A Cover Letter is a good tool to complete your application and to add value to your CV.

It should not be a copy of your CV but it has to be tailor-made for the role you are applying for such an IT job for example. The Cover Letter is a personalized letter in which you should write your real interests and motivations towards the job opportunity.

Describe yourself as the ideal candidate specifying:

  • Who you are
  • What you are applying for
  • Why you are applying
  • Where you found the job offer
  • Describe your professional profile in brief
  • Your experience and the skills are relevant to the role
  • Your strengths
  • Explain your interest in the position and for the company
  • Prove that interest by asking some questions about the company and showing them that you know the mission and the values of the company

The most important part of your cover letter is your motivation. It is essential for the interviewers and for the company to know your real incentives. They have to be completely sure that you will be a good match and that you have the right skills and approach to bring your contribution and to make the company grow.

Do you know how to structure your Cover Letter? Follow the steps below:

  • Put your contact details on the top left of the page and the company details on the right
  • Start to write it with the name of your recipient
  • Insert the subject of the paper as the title of your application (the title of the role or spontaneous application)
  • Remember to put the date and your scanned signature.

A well-written Cover Letter has to be personalized, targeted, and concise. It has to underline the right competencies and skills that you have for that company. Finally, let them know about the additional values you can bring to their company.


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