How to be successful at work?
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How to be successful at work?

on 29 November 2020

​To be happy at work one should be successful at work. Is it really so?

Today, some psychologists claim that to be successful at work, one has to lead a generally happy life. It is not the success that leads to one’s happiness but rather one’s interior happiness leads to success. It is very important to create a positive reality around you and to start to think in a constructive manner. It might seem trivial but it is not, so do not underestimate it!

An important benchmark to become successful is the capacity to use better one’s available resources (cognitive, intellectual and emotional) and build a mindset in which success is possible to achieve. Even if there are some negative factors there is always the possibility to transform them and improve the situation. It is essentially important how you react to the situation and not so much what your studies and preparation are.

One of the best factors that influence your performance at work and in your life is the grit and the energy that you invest in what you are doing.

“To have the grit means to have the passion and the perseverance to achieve the long-term goals. It means to have resistance. It signifies to have the determination to build your future day by day”, claims Angela Lee Duckworth, psychologist and science author.

The power of passion and perseverance can increase and change your career. Perseverance is not a natural talent, but you can acquire and put it into practice. So, let’s have a look together at what the “secrets” are to attain the success at work and in your life:

  • Passion:

    work with intense desire and enthusiasm

  • Focus:

    pay particular attention to your tasks

  • Good:

    excel at what you do and become a specialist

  • Push:

    compel or urge yourself to do something, especially to work hard

  • Persist:

    continue in your tasks despite any challenges you may face

  • Ideas:

    be curious and think about new ideas

  • Service:

    be available to people around you and instil a value

  • Work:

    work very hard

The way to success is continuous training and taking up a lot of challenges. Every day one has to do something positive and useful for your personal and professional pathways. One needs to try and accept the little failures positively because they are the reason for which we are motivated to improve.

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