Preparing for a New Career
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Preparing for a New Career

on 05 November 2020

​Moving on to a new position or taking on a new career path is never an easy decision to make. However, feeling dissatisfied at your present job, despite trying to improve the situation will only cause tension. Understanding whether moving on would be in your best interest is key to a solution, whilst evaluating why you wish to move on and whether a change in job or a totally new career is what you really need.

The Challenge

It may be a challenging, lonely and stressful phase when choosing to seek alternative employment. Therefore, you might want to consider having someone assist and help you get a clear picture about what your options are, on what your preferences are and getting to know your real value out there. It can prove to be quite comforting knowing that you have the support and trust in the person accompanying you in this journey and that he/she has been involved in this process before on many occasions and is a real expert. If you choose to work with someone and ask for their assistance, by taking a look at their work and life experience this will clearly prove to you that they know what they are talking about!

You will surely need a significant amount of work, time, thought and investment in yourself to make this change smoothly and in the right career path. There are many phases and key moments to consider so take the right amount of time necessary.

Career Advice

Valuable advice is always worth your while, however, do not let any insecurities stop you. If something is keeping you from moving forward, take the time you need to deal with it and finally resolve it. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to deal with issues alone. Getting support from those around you is important. Once you have worked through your obstacles you will feel much more confident and ready to move on.

Once you have made your final decision on embarking on a new challenge, you shall need to consider several choices/courses of action worth considering:

  • Local Newspapers and the Internet contain various vacancies all year round;

  • Managing relationships effectively by talking with people in the relevant field by choosing to understand what means of communication could get you in touch with prospective employers and interesting challenges.

  • As a Recruitment Agency in Malta, VacancyCentre can put you on the right track and also act as a liaison with any companies you may be particularly interested in, keeping confidentiality at its utmost importance.

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