​5 Steps to Create  a Stellar Presentation
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​5 Steps to Create a Stellar Presentation

on 28 January 2021

Whether you run your own business, employed by one, an entrepreneur, or responsible to deliver a presentation on an area you are responsible for, it’s important to have the skills to create and impress your audience with virtual presentations. The next time you need to present data and wow an audience, bookmark this page and utilize the following five steps.

  1. The Hook

They say you only have a few seconds to hook someone’s attention. This is true for songs, movies, books, and of course, presentations. Start off with a powerful and intriguing point. Leave some room for thought on their part, like leading with a question and a promise to deliver the answer to that question by the end of your presentation. Tactics like this will keep them interested and engaged.

  1. Keep it Interesting

Did you know the average attention span is only 8-seconds according to a study conducted by Microsoft? As you move through your presentation, have a few planned moments where your presentation style changes. For example, let’s say you have a 20min PowerPoint slideshow ready to go. Switch it up every few slides with a short video clip, an intermission where you tell a brief story relating to your topic or engage the audience with some questions. This will help hold their attention.

  1. Visual Tools

In tandem with the aforementioned points, it’s helpful to have some visual tools. This can be anything from an infographic to a digital whiteboard or a collaboration tool that allows the audience to participate in your presentation by voting in polls or asking questions digitally. Not sure where to begin with visual presentation tools? Try Visme to switch up everything from photos and charts to maps and templates.

  1. Keep it Concise

If you have a story to implement into your presentation or a wealth of data, it’s best to keep things concise in order to drive your point home and hold the attention of your audience. Keep only relevant and important information in your speech and in your text. This will also help your presentation to be more readable and can help your audience to retain the information long after you’re finished.

  1. Stand and Speak

If you are in a room giving your presentation, or your physical presence is being recorded and shown to your audience online, stand up and speak up. If you think there is no discernible difference between standing and sitting for giving your presentation, data says otherwise. If you are able to stand, do so. This will allow you to give a more thorough presentation and hold the focus of your audience. Standing also allows you to portray yourself as a professional through posture, voice projection, and eye contact.


If you happened to notice a theme with the above 5 points on creating a stellar virtual presentation, you’re correct. It’s all about holding the attention of your audience. Notice how this article was broken down into 5 concise and clear points? It was done so with the purpose of being a quick and informative read. The next time you have a presentation, implement these skills and you’ll be sure to get your message across with flying colours.

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