Highly Qualified Persons Programme - HQPR
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Highly Qualified Persons Programme - HQPR

on 16 February 2021

​Since joining the EU in 2004, Malta has reaped popular momentum as a jurisdiction of choice for many business operators to open shop. Such drive has led to the expansion of both the financial and gaming industries to increasingly require highly skilled workers. The lack of local expertise within certain growing niche areas led to the necessity to import knowledge to sustain growth.

The objective of the Highly Qualified Persons Programme (SL 123.126), is the creation of a scheme to attract highly qualified persons to occupy “eligible office” within companies licensed and/or recognised by the Competent Authorities. ​

Highly Qualified Persons Rules (HQPR) – Special tax rates for High-Income Earners

Through the L.N. 106 of 2011, any EU/EEA/Swiss nationals as well as third country nationals may apply, and if certain criteria is properly met an individual would be granted a special tax status or a flat rate of 15% on income derived from a qualifying contract of employment.

What are the requirements for the Highly Qualified Persons Rule?

The scheme is applicable to “Highly Qualified Persons” or senior employees seeking employment with companies licensed by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority), the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) or the Authority for Transport in Malta (TM).

Malta’s sustained success in the Finance, Compliance and Technology industry heavily depends on securing top talented professionals in tightly regulated entities. Senior Positions, or “Eligible Office” in the financial, legal and IT sector (including iGaming industry), means employment in one of the following capacities:

•Actuarial Professional

•Aviation Continuing Airworthiness Manager

•Aviation Flight Operations Manager

•Aviation Ground Operations Manager

•Aviation Training Manager

•Chief Executive Officer

•Chief Financial Officer

•Chief Commercial Officer

•Chief Insurance Technical Officer

•Chief Investment Officer

•Chief Operations Officer (including Aviation Accountable Manager)

•Chief Risk Officer (including Fraud and Investigations Officer)

•Chief Technology Officer

•Chief Underwriting Officer

•Head of Investor Relations

•Head of Marketing (including Head of Distribution Channels)

•Head of Research and Development; (including Search Engine Optimisation and Systems Architecture)

•Portfolio Manager

•Senior Analyst (including Structuring Professional)

•Senior Trader/Trader

•Odds Compiler Specialist

Amendments to Highly Qualified Person Rules (HQPR)

The new updates cite that no determinations shall be issued after 31 December 2025. Any such determinations issued must refer to any employment in respect of which the benefit provided by these rules commences by 31st December 2026 and ceases to apply by 31st December 2030.

The latest update also provides the beneficiary to be eligible to two further extensions of five years for EEA and Swiss Nationals or four years for third-country nationals or in other matters subject to the continued adherence to other provisions.

The maximum qualifying period shall not exceed a consecutive period of 15 years for EEA & Swiss nationals or 12 years for third-country nationals.

How are we able to support you?

VacancyCentre (VC) is a well-established recruitment company in Malta servicing organisations talent resource requirement across a range of technical and specialist disciplines across Finance, Compliance & Technology. Our team of dedicated Senior Recruitment consultants will guide you through the available HQPR jobs in Malta, coupled with further employment advice and support.

Source: https://cfr.gov.mt/en/inlandrevenue/legal-technical/Pages/Tax-Guidelines-on-Highly-Qualified-Persons-Rules.aspx

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